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Bachelor’s and double bachelor’s degree programmes

Study at the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering has designed its programmes to enable future engineers starting their undergraduate studies to enrich and broaden their knowledge thanks to the master's degrees offered by the Faculty. They will also have the opportunity to further their education with a PhD in Engineering for the Information Society and Sustainable Development.

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When it comes to creating a motorbike...

What is the role of each engineering programme?


When it comes to creating a motorbike...

What is the role of each engineering programme?

Discover the wide range of Engineering degrees we offer at the Faculty and find the one that best suits you. 

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Do you want to study engineering?

We currently have 10 university degrees, 6 double degrees and two Deusto degree programmes. 

Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor’s degree programmes


Biomedical Engineering

¿Do you want to develop the technologies to perform remote surgery? ¿Are you interested in cellular nanotechnology? If you have a passion for new technologies focused on the health and well-being of living beings, then this is the right degree for you.


Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering

With this degree you will see how amazing it is to apply electronics and device programming to fields such as industry, transport, among others. 


Industrial Design Engineering

If you are interested in combining your creative and critical thinking skills to work in multidisciplinary teams and transform your ideas into reality, then the Industrial Design Engineering degree is right for you.


Digital Industry, dual mention

This degree programme will help you to contribute to the evolution of industrial companies towards digitisation, improving their levels of competitiveness and quality.


Computer Engineering

If you are passionate about the new Information and Communication Technologies and would like to do research, create, face new challenges...  then the IT world is your pathway. 

Deusto degree programmes:

+ Video games, VR and AR

+ Business Digital Transformation


Industrial Technology Engineering

The broadest and most comprehensive training in industrial technologies and the ability to design, build and manage all types of industrial installations, systems and mechanisms.


Mechanical Engineering

¿Would you like to design mechanisms and products, improve manufacturing processes or ensure the quality and safety of machines? Then the mechanical engineering degree is right for you.


Industrial Organisation Engineering

It will train you to solve business problems from both a technical and management perspective. You will gain a deep understanding of the principles, concepts and techniques that govern industrial systems.


Robotics Engineering

The advance of robotics in sectors such as health, agriculture or even in the development of domestic tasks will result in great changes in both work and personal environments.


Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

If you want to specialise in the automatic processing of information and its use for the optimisation of processes and resources, then this is the degree for you. 

Faculty of Engineering

Double bachelor’s degree programmes


Biomedical Engineering + Computer Engineering

Nowadays information and communication technologies and business management are essential, and hence this profile plays a major role.


Ciencia de Datos e Inteligencia Artificial + Ingeniería Informática

En la actualidad, las tecnologías de la información y comunicación y la gestión empresarial son imprescindibles y, por lo tanto, este perfil juega un papel fundamental.


Industrial Design Engineering + Mechanical Engineering

This programme combines the most technical knowledge of mechanics with a creative and innovative profile to achieve more efficient and creative products.


Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering Engineering + Computer Engineering

This double degree programme, which is only taught at the University of Deusto, responds directly to a demand from the industry that requires professionals with this double vision of the industrial world from the physical and digital perspectives.


Business Administration + Computer Engineering

San Sebastian campus

Do you like business administration and economics, but also computer scienceand ICT? With this double degree, you will be prepared to promote and integrate the use of ICTs in companies, thus generating new business models and competitiveness factors.


Business Administration + Industrial Technologies Engineering

Bilbao Campus

Are you interested in economic and business management and are you also attracted to the industrial sector? With this double degree you will develop new business strategies and delve into the technical and management challenges faced by industrial or technological companies.