Affiliated centres


What are affiliated centres?

The centres affiliated to the University of Deusto are private teaching centres whose students gain an official degree from the University of Deusto at the end of their studies. Currently, there are two centres with this status: the BAM, Begoñako Andra Mari university teacher training school, affiliated since the 2009-2010 academic year, and Voxel School, a university centre for digital arts, affiliated in 2022, which will teach official programmes in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Design, digital creative industries and education

are the areas of knowledge on which the centres affiliated to the University of Deusto focus their expertise

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Begoñako Andra Mari (BAM)

The School offers Early Childhood and Primary Education.

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VOXEL School

It offers courses on graphic design, digital animation, video games, film and special effects.

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Collaboration between affiliated centres and the University

The relationship between the affiliated centres and the University of Deusto depends on the agreement signed in the affiliation, which determines a greater or lesser interrelation. 

In the case of theBAM, both institutions share identity, values and Christian inspiration, since the ownership of the teacher training school belongs to the Diocese of Bilbao.

The partnership with Voxel School aims to be an international benchmark for university education in the area of design and digital creative industries, offering official degrees in graphic design, digital animation, video games, film and special effects. The partnership between the two centres allows to:

  • reinforce the educational project of both institutions with a greater and better range of courses in the Basque Country and Madrid, by expanding their areas of knowledge and, in the case of Deusto, adding new capabilities to its engineering and communicationareas.
  • promote collaboration between the academic staff in teaching and the implementation of the University of Deusto Education Model by Voxel School.
  • strengthen collaboration in research, with the incorporation of VoxelSchool* into the research teams at the University of Deusto. The aim is to increase the scientific production of the teaching staff in the field of academic publications and the development of doctoral theses.
  • Jointly signing new agreements to obtain curricular internships for students

* Voxel School's main research areas focus on the impact and application of the language of video games in new teaching methodologies and the capacity of new technologies to dialogue with digital art.

Affiliated centres

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