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Social impact and transformation

At the University of Deusto we cannot understand research without knowledge transfer. As a major driver of social transformation and impact, it is our social responsibility to transfer the knowledge generated by our researchers to the market to generate value, contribute to the advancement of knowledge and technological development, business innovation and competitiveness, socio-economic progress and improve citizens' quality of life. 

This commitment to our environment and collaboration with the rest of the ecosystem, such as political, social, economic, cultural or institutional actors, positions Deusto as a benchmark university in major fields or preferential and cross-cutting themes that respond to major societal challenges.


Social commitment

Scientific transfer, impact and dissemination


Social commitment

Scientific transfer, impact and dissemination

One of the aims of the University of Deusto is to encourage and promote quality research and thus contribute to serving society, addressing the problems and needs of its environment.

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Investigación con impacto social

Maria Luz Guenaga Gomez

Research can be used to understand the origins of social inequalities and help reduce them. This is how we understand it at the multidisciplinary gender platform

Maria Luz Guenaga Gómez

Researcher at the Faculty of Engineering

Marta Enciso Santocildes

We can link our research to major social, environmental and digital challenges.

Marta Enciso Santocildes

Researcher in Cooperativism and Social and Solidarity Economy

Asunción Fernández-Villarán Ara

How tourist destinations present information is a key aspect for empowering people with disabilities to make travel decisions.

Asunción Fernández-Villarán

Tourism Researcher

Amaia Mendez Zorrilla

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds but the population is ageing. Innovation must serve society and respond to this global challenge

Amaia Méndez Zorrilla

Researcher of the eVida Research Group

Aurora Madariaga Ortuzar

El estudio de AVIFES nos enseñó el papel tan relevante que tiene el ocio en las personas con enfermedad mental crónica. Y nos aportó elementos para planificar una oferta de ocio adecuada a sus demandas

Aurora Madariaga Ortuzar

Directora Cátedra Ocio y Discapacidad

Deusto Foundation



The Deusto Foundation encourages and promotes applied research through Orkestra

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