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Bachelor’s degree programmes

Find out about tuition fees and enrolment deadlines for undergraduate and double degrees at the University of Deusto.

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Postgraduate study

Find out about tuition fees and enrolment deadlines for postgraduate courses at the University of Deusto.

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Doctoral degrees

PhD tuition fees at the University of Deusto.

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Administration fees

Student insurance

Student insurance was set out in the law of 17 July 1953, (Official Spanish Gazette of 18 July), in addition to Royal Decree 1633/1985 of 28 August, which specifies the amount. Student insurance is compulsory for all students enrolled in official studies at the UD, provided that they fulfil the requirements for that purpose.  

This insurance provides assistance in the event of accidents, surgical procedures, etc. as well as financial provisions in case of a family misfortune, and is compulsory for all students (Spanish and foreign who are legal residents in Spain) enrolled in official studies, except:

  • Students who are 28 years of age prior to 1 September of the current year.
  • Students who have paid for insurance at another educational centre for the same year and can provide proof of having done so.
  • Students who contribute to the Social Security as certified workers.

The annual Student Insurance fee (1.12€) must be paid upon enrolment each academic year.