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Research at Deusto

Research at Deusto is supported by a solid group of professionals and researchers with a strong track record and experience. We have more than 360 people working in 34 research teams, all of them structured in different research units, mainly in research institutes and centres. In addition, Deusto has 11 research chairs.

The university provides a flexible research ecosystem that fosters international and cross-sectoral collaboration, enabling our researchers to exchange ideas with each other and address local and global problems from an interdisciplinary perspective.

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Avda. Universidades 24
48007 Bilbao

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944 139 113
Contact us San Sebastián:
943 326 278 ilochotorena@deusto.es

About us

In figures

945 research staff
86% teaching staff

34research teams
76% recognised by the Basque Government

372trainee researchers


The University's people and community

Doctoral School - DIRS

Its mission is to promote excellence in the advanced training of new researchers by reinforcing specific competences in research and knowledge transfer.

An extensive collaborative network


An extensive collaborative network

The University of Deusto works in close collaboration with more than 1,250 organisations (public administration, companies, non-profit organisations, educational and training institutions, technology centres, etc.) from a variety of expertise areas such as health, urban development, gender, social justice and inclusion, democratic participation, regional competitiveness and energy.

Research University of Deusto