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Discover, enjoy, share, participate and transform

Solidarity mission

Learning to serve and serving by learning. The university's educational project is inseparable from the concern for building a fairer world. At Deusto Campus Solidarity we contribute to this mission by trying to build a university community that is educated and committed to fair and sustainable human development. 

We work to be a point of reference both for making situations of injustice or weakness visible and for involving its members in these realities in order to transform them. We want a socially committed University, that's why we encourage you to be an important part of this project. We count on you!





Deusto Campus. 24, Universidades Ave. 48007 - Bilbao

944 139 374

San Sebastian

101 office, Central Building. 50, Mundaiz St. 20012 - San Sebastian

943 326 600 Ext.: 5194

Programa de voluntariado

Vuela 2023


Programa de voluntariado

Vuela 2023

Vuela es un programa de voluntariado organizado por 7 universidades de Europa con las siguientes características:

  • Universitario: es una actividad que te ofrece tu universidad dentro de sus actividades de formación integral.
  • Diverso: quita prejuicios y te descubre la riqueza de la diversidad.
  • Conectado: tiende puentes y descubre realidades
  • Valioso: aporta a las organizaciones, a las personas y a las comunidades
  • Reflexivo: ayuda a entender dinámicas globales y a tener una visión crítica
  • Transformador: cuestiona y te compromete con una visión de justicia

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Deusto Campus Solidarity



What do we offer you?


Activities and awareness-raising

In order to transmit and disseminate values such as solidarity, teamwork and cooperation and to raise awareness of other types of realities, we carry out different awareness-raising activities.


National and international volunteering

Thanks to the collaboration of the University of Deusto with various organisations, you will have the opportunity to volunteer in different entities, collaborating with different groups.


Courses and training

We organise different courses and training sessions during the academic year in collaboration with associations, foundations and NGDOs, to deal with current issues of importance and interest to the university community.



We carry out awareness-raising campaigns on different topics: blood donors, study solidarity olympiad, Christmas campaign, etc.


Work camps

We organise 24 projects nationwide for work camps and manage 69 places.

Aitziber Erasun - University Volunteering Service


I would recommend this experience to any student who is interested in helping groups in need. I think it is a very enriching experience.

Aitziber ErasunUniversity Volunteering Service
Joy Okuyama Fernández - Buddy Program


The level of involvement is set by the student and it offers the opportunity to meet new people.

Joy Okuyama FernándezBuddy Program