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The University of Deusto, an institution of the Society of Jesus, assumes the mission of serving society through a specifically university-based contribution and from a Christian vision of reality.

We believe that faith is an important dimension in the development of the person. For this reason, we promote activities to live, share and grow in the experience of faith. From the Jesuit tradition and Ignatian spirituality, framed in the Catholic Christian faith, several possibilities are offered.

In this sense, the Faith and Spirituality area offers you accompaniment, training and experiences that will help you to get to know the Christian faith better, to deepen the spiritual dimension of your life and from there to discover how to contribute to a more just and sustainable world.



24, Universidades Ave. 48007 - Bilbao

944 139 374


Office 101, Central Building. 50, Mundaiz St. 20012 - San Sebastian

943 326 600 Ext.: 5282

Joaquín Mussacchio - Want to talk? I'm listening

Our students

The spiritual accompaniment allowed me to enter into my inner self and to visualise issues to strengthen my life project.

Joaquín MussacchioDo you want to talk? I'm listening
Xabier García - MAGIS

Our students

It has been a very rewarding experience that has given me the chance to stop, reflect and disconnect from my routine.

Xabier GarcíaMAGIS

UD Magis Blog

Garate International

Garate International at the University of DeustoIcono para el play del video

Garate International

Every year, the University of Deusto's community welcomes a significant number of international students with whom we share a space of encounter between different cultures, traditions and religions. We do so inspired by the figure of Blessed Francisco Garate (1888 - 1929), who was the person in charge of welcoming students to the university for forty years.

Deusto Campus Faith Community

Spaces and Activities


Economy of Francesco

EoF is an international movement, promoted by Pope Francis and inspired by the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi, with young economists, entrepreneurs and agents of change committed to a process of inclusive dialogue and young and vibrant global change, moving towards a new economy. From Deusto we support the dynamisation of the Basque EoF hub.

Meetings once a month.

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Creation Time

A space for prayer and contemplation focused on the care of the Common Home.


Brotherhood Space

Lenten meeting for students who are confreres.  The date for the March meeting will be announced shortly.



In the village of Javier (Navarra) is the castle that was the birthplace of St. Francis Xavier, co-founder of the Society of Jesus and missionary who left his home to make the world his new home.

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 March 2023, we join the tradition of many Christians to make a pilgrimage to Xavier. It is a route to walk a distance of approx. 20 km, with an opportunity for encounter, celebration, as well as getting closer to history, culture and nature. We will sleep in the Sanctuary's hostel. Price of transport, food and accommodation : 30 euros.



Ignatian Way

A journey along the path of Ignatius of Loyola in 1522 (Loyola, Pamplona, Manresa, Barcelona...) in coordination with the Ignatian Year Commission of the University of Deusto. Check the information about the itinerary. Click here and find out more.


Pilgrimage to Rome

The first week of July we offer the opportunity to go as a group to get to know Rome and the Ignatian places of reference for the Society of Jesus. Come and join us. More details soon. You can write to us at


Coro San Sebastián

Do you know how to play instruments and do you have singing skills? We offer you the opportunity to join the choir that accompanies the Sunday Eucharist in the Church of the Sacred Heart in San Sebastian with contemporary religious music. One of the most important masses for young people in the city.

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Egunean Eguneko Ebanjelioa

Egutegi liturgikoa, igande eta jai-egunetan irakurgai guztiak, otoitzak eta debozioak

Life Project Workshop

We invite you to open yourself to all the latent possibilities through self-knowledge and discovery of the necessary inner elements. We accompany you to bring into play all the dynamisms and attitudes that will help you to discern what you want to live and that will guide you to live the authentic life you are lamad@ to live.

We offer you an experiential process through practices and dynamics that will bring to the surface the key elements necessary to initiate and plan your life project. A dynamic project in evolution.

Programme-Sessions (Tuesdays in March from 15:00 to 16:30)

Session 1: 7th March

  • Keys to design a life project.
  • Recognising my needs, qualities, limitations and values.

Session 2: 14th March

  • Obstacles and resistances: identifying critical voices.
  • Listening to the authentic inner voice.

Session 3: 21st March

  • Connecting with my deep aspirations.
  • Discovering my inner potential.

Session 4: 28th March

  • Dynamic map of my life project.
  • Engaging and seeking partnerships.

Your vocation starts today

Vocational culture

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Your vocation starts today

Vocational culture

The story runs a certain parallelism between the conversion experience that Ignatius of Loyola lived 500 years ago and the wound that Nacho is living today in 2022. UNIJES has commissioned this inspirational video as part of the Project for the development of a Vocational Culture in its centres and on the occasion of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the conversion of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Remember, your vocation begins today, day by day, it begins in your story and with others.


  • Monday - 08:30 - Romanesque Chapel
  • Tuesday - 08:30 - Gothic Chapel
  • Wednesday - 14:00 - Romanesque Chapel
  • Thursday - 11:00 - Romanesque Chapel
  • Friday - 08:30 - Romanesque chapel
  • Sunday - 20:00 – Residence chapel

Mass schedules to be applied from 8 February to 26 May 2023.

Community Eucharists first half of 2023

  • Ash Wednesday: 22 February, Bilbao, Gothic Chapel 13:00. Donostia, Oratorio Edificio Antxieta, 13:00.
  • End of term: 17 May, Bilbao, Gothic Chapel 13:00. Donostia, Antxieta Building Oratory, 13:00.


  • 12:30 - Chapel of Christ in the Ntra. Señora de Begoña School in Indautxu.
  • 20:00 - Church of the Sacred Heart in Alameda Urquijo Street.

San Sebastian:

  • 20:30 - Church of the Sacred Heart at 3, Andia Street.

Every Wednesday at 13:15 in the Gothic Chapel.

An opportunity for those who wish to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation or go to confession. Make an appointment by sending an email to

With the opening of the new chapel in the Antxieta building we will celebrate weekly Eucharist in the San Sebastian Campus on Wednesdays at 8:30 in this chapel.



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