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Interdisciplinary research

Knowledge areas

In line with the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe, and the Basque Country Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2030 RIS3, research at Deusto combines the promotion of research talent, excellence, competitiveness , innovation and technology to createsocial impactand address the major global challenges of theAgenda 2030 for sustainable development.

The University of Deusto conducts research and transfers its knowledge in different multidisciplinary areas of knowledge, promoting interdisciplinary, collaborative and inclusive research of excellenceto respond to local, regional and/or global challenges.

The knowledge areas bring together research staff from the different faculties, teams and research units at the University of Deusto who, in collaboration and co-creation with the local actors, aim to advance research and innovation in the areas of ageing and well-being, creative industries and cities, the gender dimension, social justice and inclusion and the promotion of participation.

Interdisciplinary research

What do we offer?


Interdisciplinary collaboration

Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration that brings together Deusto researchers with local, regional and international partners


Spanish and international universities

Participation in national and international research projects


Co-creative approach

Co-creative approach to the identification of local and international social needs


Active network participation

Active participation in regional and national networks, in networks of excellence and research projects


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the different strategies at European, national and local level