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Research and innovation to promote gender equality


Research and innovation to promote gender equality in education, society and institutions

Around 40 researchers and experts from different fields of knowledge work together to promote equal opportunities for men and women, combat gender-based violence and promote structural change.


International research projects office

Barbara Rossi
Avda. Universidades 24
48007 Bilbao

944 139 113irpo@deusto.es


What do we offer?


Interdisciplinary collaboration

Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration that brings together Deusto researchers with local, regional and international partners


Networks of excellence

Active participation in regional and national networks, international networks of excellence and research projects


Co-creation identifying needs

Co-creation to identify local and international societal needs


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the various strategies at European, national and local level 



Paternity Leave: A Systematic Review and Directions for Research

Pizarro Pérez, Jon; Gartzia Fernandez, Leire

Journal: Human Resource Management Review / Start date: 2023

Parlamentos sensibles al género: evidencias desde el caso del Parlamento Vasco

Elizondo Lopetegui, Arantxa; Silvestre Cabrera, María

Journal: Revista Espanola de Investigaciones Sociologicas / Start date: 2023

Vulnerabilidades ante la crisis sanitaria: Incidencia del Covid-19 en los procesos educativos de niñas y adolescentes en situación de desamparo

Gonzalez Goya, Edurne; Izaguirre Choperena, Ainhoa; Arrieta Frutos, Felix

Journal: Papers: Revista de sociologia / Start date: 2023

¿Es la violencia social y la agresividad en las relaciones una característica de nuestra sociedad?

Silvestre Cabrera, María

Journal: Corintios XIII-Revista de Teologia y Pastoral de la Caridad / Start date: 2023

An Analysis of Responses to Sexual Assault against Women in Public Space: Practical Gender Needs or Strategic Gender Interests?

Silvestre Cabrera, María; Aristegui Fradua, Iratxe; Royo Prieto, Raquel

Journal: Social Sciences / Start date: 2023

Gender Gap in Parental Leave Intentions: Evidence from 37 Countries

Olsson, Maria; Van Grootel, Sanne; Block, Katharina; Schuster, Carolin; Meeussen, Loes; Meeussen, Loes; Pizarro Pérez, Jon

Journal: Political Psychology / Start date: 2023

At local, national and European level

Development strategies and objectives

Basque Country Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2030 (PCTI Euskadi 2030)

  • Technology Digital Transition
  • Energy-Climate Transition
  • Social and Health Transition


European Commission’s priorities
6 priorities of the European Commission for 2019-24:

  • -A European Green Deal
  • -A Europe fit for the digital age
  • An Economy that works for people
  • A stronger Europe in the world
  • Promoting our European Way of Life
  • A new push for European democracy


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

17 goals for people and the planet

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of people around the world.


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Social media Research

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