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The Solidarity Department aims to contribute to building a fairer world by fostering sensitive, active and organised social commitment within the University community. This concern leads us to work on some fundamental dimensions of solidarity: volunteering and citizen participation, development cooperation and ecology; this is carried out through volunteering, training courses and activities.


Solidaridad Bilbao

Avda. de las Universidades, 24. 48007 - Bilbao

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Programa de voluntariado

Vuela 2023


Programa de voluntariado

Vuela 2023

Vuela es un programa de voluntariado organizado por 7 universidades de Europa con las siguientes características:

  • Universitario: es una actividad que te ofrece tu universidad dentro de sus actividades de formación integral.
  • Diverso: quita prejuicios y te descubre la riqueza de la diversidad.
  • Conectado: tiende puentes y descubre realidades
  • Valioso: aporta a las organizaciones, a las personas y a las comunidades
  • Reflexivo: ayuda a entender dinámicas globales y a tener una visión crítica
  • Transformador: cuestiona y te compromete con una visión de justicia

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Volunteer fair

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Volunteer fair

Coinciding with the start of the university year, Deusto is holding its traditional Volunteering Fair 2023. Its aim is to make the university community aware of the work carried out by volunteer organisations in Biscay and promote volunteering among young people. The aim is also to encourage students to work towards combining their university education with a social commitment in one of the existing local volunteer programmes at the start of the academic year.

SDG 7: 1. End Poverty, 4. Quality education, 5. Gender equality, 8. Decent work and economic growth 17. Partnerships for the goals

Volunteer Work


Local volunteering

This programme is a proposal for professional university volunteering, which combines social commitment, training, collective reflection and putting your knowledge into practice in social projects. You will be part of a group of people involved in solving real problems and, at the same time, you will develop skills, competences and knowledge related to your own profession.


Volunteering in Latin America and Africa

You want to get to know and experience other realities, to help in distant and different areas such as Latin American or African countries.  The "Aristos Campus Mundus" University Volunteering Projects offer you this opportunity. For a few weeks you will be able to contribute to improving the situation of people (adults and/or children) who need your help, as well as living an experience that will contribute to your personal and professional growth.  Take part in the Vuela inter-university programme. Applications and the selection process are still pending. It is open to undergraduate and master's students

Description of OPEN projects


Volunteering in Spain and Europe

The University Volunteering programme in Spain and Europe aims to increasingly strengthen the commitment of the University of Deusto and its Spanish and European partner universities to the sustainable development of our world as a whole and to contribute to raising the awareness of university communities of the challenges posed by inequality, injustice and inequity. It is open to undergraduate and master's students

Description of OPEN projects

Credit recognition


Credit recognition

Students who have completed a course/activity (run or organised by Deusto Campus Solidarity) will have to meet certain requirements mentioned below.

The credit recognition process will normally be carried out at the end of each semester.

Only credits corresponding to the current academic year will be recognised, within the established dates and according to the fulfilment of the requirements indicated below.

Recognition of credits according to course/activityRequirements


  • Having participated/attended at least 75% of the classes given (this information is provided by the teacher) or having the certificate of attendance provided by Deusto Campus Solidarity.
  • Prepare the report (per course) with the following parameters: between 300 and 1,000 words, explaining the importance and lessons of the course for your personal, academic and/or professional development. You must enter the name, surname and name of the degree in which you are enrolled (student, University staff member, etc.).
  • Fill in the application form and attach the report on the form that will be sent to you once the credit recognition process starts.
  • Fill in an application form for each course for which you require credit recognition.
  • Carry out the process within the established deadline.

Volunteering activity not organised by Deusto Campus Solidarity

  • If the duration of the volunteering activity was equal to or more than 50 hours, you must select the option "University social volunteering II"; if the duration was less than 50 hours and more than 20 hours, the option is "University social volunteering I".
  • The organisation where the volunteering was carried out must issue a certificate stating the volunteer’s details, the number of hours volunteered and the dates between which the volunteering was carried out.
  • Fill in the application form and the certificate issued by the organisation where the volunteer work was carried out in the form that will be sent you once the credit recognition process starts.
  • You should complete one application per course for which you require credit recognition.
  • You should carry out the process within the established deadline.

Vuela volunteering programme (national and international camps)

  • Having volunteered in the manner and within the parameters established for each country and/or field of work.
  • Having received a favourable report from the coordinator of the work camp where the volunteer work was carried out.
  • A written report with a minimum length of 1000 and a maximum length of 2000 words (2 to 4 sides). The report should include a summary of the activities carried out, the aspects/contents that were of greatest interest or impact for their development, their professional life, personal learning, among other aspects, which will be indicated in the email notifying the opening of the procedure for the application for ECTS recognition.
  • Photographic support showing the activities they are carrying out or demonstrating the experience they have had according to the parameters indicated in the email informing them that the ECTS recognition application is open.
  • You should complete one application form per course for which you require credit recognition.
  • You should complete the process within the established deadline

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