Dual Bachelor´s degree in Digital Industry

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    Study and work from 2nd year

    About the Bachelor’s degree

    ¿Are you interested in combining computer science and industrial technologies to create automated devices and tools? ¿Do you want to learn first-hand about smart factories designed to make decisions autonomously and optimise production processes?  ¿Do you aim to be part of Industry 4.0? If you have just finished your baccalaureate or have a higher vocational training degree and want to work while you study, then this degree is for you. 

    This degree programme will help you to contribute to the evolution of industrial companies towards digitisation, improving their levels of competitiveness and quality.



    Technological training

    High technological training in Industry 4.0 that will give you access to a sector with high demand for graduates.



    You will be able to access this Bachelor’s degree if you have studied a baccalaureate or a Higher Degree in Vocational Training


    Dual Bachelor’s degree programme

    You will study at the University and start working from 2nd year as part of a training programme in which more than 20 national and international companies participate: Guardian, Mercedes Benz, Michelin, among others.


    Finance your degree

    Finance your degree: the 1st course with the help of the Fundación Vital and in 2nd, 3rd and 4th years thanks to your paid placement in the company. 

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      Vitoria-Gasteiz Headquarters

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      Dual Bachelor´s degree in Digital Industry

    • Duration/credits:

      4 years - 240 ECTS

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      Admission process closed

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      Dual Bachelor’s degree programme:

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    Descubre el grado en Industria Digital, mención dual

    Sesión informativa 22 de noviembre

    Si tienes interés en el grado en Industria Digital, mención dual de la Universidad de Deusto, no te pierdas la sesiones informativa que hemos organizado específica para esta titulación.

    ¡Acude de manera presencial o conéctate! 


    Alliance between:


    Alliance between:

    This Bachelor’s degree programme will be taught at the University of Deusto and Egibide centre in Alava, located in the Arriaga building in Pozoa street. It has more than 8,000m2 and classrooms equipped with audiovisual equipment, wifi network and specialised workshops and laboratories. In addition, there are more than 6,000m2 of green spaces, sports areas and car parks

    Why study the dual Bachelor’s degree in Digital Industry?DESIGNED FOR...

    People with an interest in..

    • The vision of smart factoriescapable of making decisions autonomously and facilitating optimised production processes in a coordinated manner with workers.
    • Themerger between IT and industrial technologies to create smart and automated devices and tools, integrating robotics, data display and analysis in the cloud.

    And for students...

    • Having completed Baccalaureate studies (Bachillerato)
    • With a Higher Vocational Training Qualification in the following fields:
    • Computing and Telecommunications
    • Electricity and Electronics
    • Mechanical Manufacturing
    • Installation and maintenance

    What kind of training does it offer?

    A dual training programme from 2º year; you will be able to apply what you have learnt at the University in a company with a real project.

    Thanks to this dual programme, you can be one of the pioneers in the application of Internet of Things to the industrial environment by achieving the aims of Industry 4.0.

    5 Reasons to study the dual Bachelor’s degree in Digital Industry


    Adaptation to the connected industry

    This degree programme will help you to contribute to the evolution of industrial companies towards digitisation, improving their levels of competitiveness and quality.


    Demand of people specialised in Industry 4.0

    Demand is growing for new 21st century developments with high added value. Especially in highly industrialised regions.


    Facts about the professions of the future

    1,250,000 tech jobs will be created in Spain by 2022, according to Randstad Research


    What profiles are companies looking for?

    This degree programme will help you to contribute to the evolution of industrial companies towards digitisation, improving their levels of competitiveness and quality.


    Dual training

    You will learn through study and work. Both programme types will be held at the same time starting from 2.º year of study 

    The teaching staff at the university and your tutors at the partner companies will jointly guide you throughout the course. They will jointly ensure that you learn and apply the appropriate technologies for real projects.

    Vanessa Gómez

    El grado dual en Industria Digital tiene como pilar la Industria 4.0, un perfil muy demandado de cara al futuro

    Vanessa GómezEstudiante proveniente de Formación Profesional

    NOHA, Our students’ experience

    What do our students do?

    Smart factories, IT, industrial technologies...

    Do you still have any queries?

    How do I know if this degree is for me?

    Candidate profile

    • Having completed Baccalaureate studies (Bachillerato)
    • Graduates with a Higher Vocational Training Qualification (LOE) in the following fields:
    1. Computing and Telecommunications
    2. Electricity and Electronics
    3. Mechanical Manufacturing
    4. Installation and maintenance

    Check the recognition of credits in the Bachelor's Degree in Digital Industry for Higher Level Training Cycles (CFGS/FP)

    Digital Industry Recognition CFGS/FP

    Interest in new technologies (robotics, automation, electronics, programming, communications, etc.) and their application in today's world.

    A capacity for work, continuously striving to achieve the goals set and the ability to work under pressure at certain times.

    An interest in working in laboratories, handling electronic instrumentation and creating new devices.

    An adequate level of self-knowledge, maturity and the ability to form interprofessional relationships.

    A committed attitude to the teaching-learning process, in an environment of continuous assessment.

    Vocation of service to society and interest in Industry 4.0 







    If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations. 

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