Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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      Artificial Intelligence and data, looking to the future

      About the Bachelor’s degree

      ¿Want to know how data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)are intertwined? ¿Did you know that the use of smartphones, social networks and online shopping, among others, has led to an increase in the amount of data that organisations and institutions generate, collect and process?

      This degree will teach you how to manage, process and extract value, meaning and utility from data. Concepts such as Machine Learning and algorithms will serve as a guide for designing artificial intelligence-based solutions, which can help improve different processes.

      If you want to specialise in the automatic processing of information and its use for the optimisation of processes and resources, then this is the degree for you. 


      If you are…

      an analytical and creative person, with a thirst for continuous learning and a willingness to tackle real challenges


      Designed for

      people with a passion for new technologies, who seek to face the challenges of the technological revolution



      A pioneer programme

      of its kind in Spain, which adds artificial intelligence to data science to obtain a complete profile tailored to the needs of today's businesses. 



      Internships for 100% of students Agreements with more than 125 companies in the engineering sector

      • Campus:

        Bilbao Campus

        San Sebastian Campus

      • Programme name:

        Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

      • Duration/credits:

        4 years - 240 ECTS

      • Language

        Spanish - Basque - English

      • Number of places

        90 Undergraduate and double degrees

      • Programme type

        On campus

      • Application process:

        Admission: from January 17th to February 28th

      • Additional information:

        Bilingual programme: Spanish, English

      • Faculty:

      • Share:

      2022-23 ACADEMIC YEAR


      Choose the degrees and double degrees you are interested in, register now and don't miss your place.

      Do you want to face new challenges?Why choose this Bachelor’s degree

      Leading digital transformation

      A professional profile that will allow you to work in current and future professions in different sectors, currently booming. For example, Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Data Architect or Artificial Intelligence Solution Specialist. 

      International profile

      You can earn up to 40% of the ECTS credits in English. It will enable you to respond to the different scenarios offered by data science or artificial intelligence anywhere in the world.

      Advanced computing laboratory

      It is equipped with 56 computers and double screens with higher performance than conventional ones. In addition, we have 10 programming laboratories with a total of 400 PCs for team work.


      Learning by doing Through internships, projects and real company cases, teamwork... In addition, the presence of professionals in the classroom will allow you to face real cases that companies experience.

      Data on a day-to-day basis

      75% of companies will invest in big data in the next two years, according to Gartner technology consultancy. In addition, 58 million AI-related jobs will be generated by 2025, according to estimates by the World Economic Forum, 2018.

      A double degree, an extra effort

      Combine two official bachelor's degrees and achieve them in just 5 years. Discover the double degree programme in Computer Engineering + Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


      Why should you be interested about data and AI?


      Of the business analytics software will incorporate predictive analytics by 2020


      Profile most in demand among the professions of the future

      + 16.4%

      The Artificial Intelligence market will continue to grow until 2024 and in 2021



      Employment rate

      2ª titulación más demandada para las profesiones del futuro (Informe EPyCE 2018)



      Fluyen trillones de datos en el mundo

      2,5 trillones de bytes de datos se procesan cada día, según IBM. 


      Demanda de personas ingenieras

      Porque la sociedad necesita talento y formación. 120 millones de trabajadores/as de las 10 economías más grandez, necesitarán capacitacón en los próximos 3 años, según "The Enterprise Guide to Closing the Skills Gap" de IBM


      Datos de las profesiones del futuro

      De aquí a 2022 se crearán 1.250.000 puestos de trabajo tecnológicos en España, según Randstad Research


      ¿Qué perfiles demandan las empresas?

      Aumenta la necesidad de perfiles para cubrir los nuevos puestos de trabajo en áreas como la robótica, desarrollo de internet, ciencia de datos e IA


      ¿Qué perfil profesional necesitan las empresas?

      Realidad aumentada, cloud computing, big data, redes sociales, internet de las cosas, sistemas ciberfísicos, movilidad... son tendencias de aprovechamiento tecnológico. 

      Data scientists specialising in vertical solutions in different contexts

      In first person


      Es muy difícil encontrar perfiles que sean capaces de dar respuesta a la demanda de científicos de datos. Este grado ofrece un componente innovador e investigador que no se proyecta en ninguna otra propuesta

      Aitor Moreno

      Profesor del grado


      La empresas destacan como principal reto aprovechar el valor de los datos e incorporar la IA por lo que, en todo el mundo, la demanda de estos perfiles crece exponencialmente

      Natalia Maeso

      Senior Account Executive en Gartner


      The university attaches great importance to employability and it offers internships with the option to stay afterwards.

      Kevin Cifuentes



      DeustoTech has allowed me to put everything I have learnt into practice. There is nothing like developing a project that will be used by real users

      Aitor Brazaola



      Los conocimientos teóricos son fundamentales, pero es en los laboratorios cuando descubrimos cómo aplicar la teoría a casos prácticos. Tienes la opción de crear, de diseñar...

      Itziar Losa

      Alumna de ingeniería

      Find out more about the Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

      Find out more...

      Una profesión para el futuro

      Obtendrás un perfil muy demandado en un sector en auge

      Expertos en inteligencia artificial, análisis de datos avanzado, desarrollo de software...

      How do I know if this degree is for me?

      Candidate profile

      Baccalaureate studies or a higher vocational training cycle

      You have completed your baccalaureate studies or a higher vocational training cycle in the areas of "Electricity and Electronics" or "Computer and Communications".

      If you are an analytical and creative person, eager to learn and willing to tackle real challenges

      You have the ability to work in a team and speak in public.

      You have an adequate level of self-awareness, maturity and the ability to form interprofessional relationships.

      You have an adequate level of self-awareness, maturity and the ability to form interprofessional relationships.







      If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.


      Enjoy Deusto

      Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

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      Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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