Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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    Course content

    A unique and competitive profile

    In this degree you will learn to master technologies in the field of mass information processing and artificial intelligence and to assess their economic and social impact. Today, artificial intelligence has transcended the technical level and is beginning to occupy spaces not only in the economy but also in different social spheres.

    Thanks to the combination of data science and artificial intelligence, you will have a unique and competitive profile, adapted to the needs of companies and essential for current and future professions.

    You will learn to...

    • Incorporate data science andartificial intelligencetechnologies as a strategic element in the company
    • Analyse and interpret large amounts of data
    • Design artificial intelligencesystems 
    • Carry out practical  activities in development environments (R and Python, Spark and HDFS)
    • Master advanced tools for professional use such as Tableau

    Degree competences


    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Year 1

    Year 2


    Academic calendar: 2021-2022

    Academic transcript.

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    Calendar 2021/2022

    Provisional timetables subject to change.

    1st semester

    2nd semester


    Human training in values


    regular exam period


    Plan de estudios - Ciencia de datos e Inteligencia Artificial - Campus de San Sebastián

    Open your eyes to the world

    Build your international profile

    A bilingual programme: Spanish-English

    In this Bachelor’s degree you will not only acquire technical skills in data analysis and implementation of artificial intelligence, but you will also improve your English language skills, which will give you a more competent profile in the labourmarket. You can opt to do at least 40% of the programme credits in English. This approach will enable you to respond to the different scenarios offered by data science or artificial intelligence anywhere in the world.

    You can combine subjects in Spanish, English and Basque. A wide range of subjects in English and Basque so that you can choose your language path.

    You can opt to study a full semester at a foreign university. Choose your destination from more than 90 foreign universities around the world.

    An opportunity to share experiences with students from all over the world. You will enjoy an international classroom environment from the 1st year onwards.

    International mobility and integration in multicultural and multilingual teams is a key factor for today's engineers. The European Higher Education Area aims to create a space that facilitates student mobility as a key element in their training process.


    Language requirements

    A bilingual programme: Spanish-English


    Language requirements

    A bilingual programme: Spanish-English

    To access the Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, you need to demonstrate a B2 level in English. At the end of your studies, the University of Deusto will certify your language proficiency in English by accrediting your C1 level.

    If you want to specialise in the automatic processing of information and its use for the optimisation of resources, at the University of Deusto we are committed to offering you a bilingual programme (Spanish and English) that will allow you to open up linguistic frontiers and acquire qualities that are essential for companies at a national and international level.

    You will use the tools and machinery that are used in companies

    Just make a quick visit and get to know the laboratories at Deusto Engineering

    CDIA laboratories and software

    You will also use...


    CDIA laboratories and software

    You will also use...

    We will use development environments that allow data processing and visualisation based on R and Python, the two most widely used languages by data scientists today. Moreover, we will use development environments oriented towards massive data exploitation, such as Spark and HDFS. You will also learn how to get the most out of advanced tools for professional use such as Tableau, and how to use the full power of cloud computing provided by Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, two giants in the sector, to design and deploy machine learning systems. 

    We believe that the best way for you to experience the potential of big data and artificial intelligence to create the systems of the future is to develop them yourself.

    You will use state-of-the-art tools



    List of generic and specific competences of the Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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    Academic regulations

    Maximum number of calls, conditions of permanence, recognition of credits...

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