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University of Deusto

Values Education

Competence-based training. It seeks to enhance students’ innovative, creative and entrepreneurial skills. Lifelong education and training

To lead technological development

Mission and Vision


To lead technological development

Mission and Vision

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to providing students with the values of the Deusto University Project and engineering skills that will prepare them to lead the technological development that is taking place in today's society.

We have developed a teaching system based on the excellence of our laboratories and a personalised student support programme, aimed at guiding students on the path to autonomous and meaningful learning, in accordance with the Deusto Education Model.

Likewise, we want to collaborate in scientific and technological development through research, which will facilitate the progress of the society of the future.

What makes us different?

Practical and participatory methodology

Our academic team is closely linked to the professional world. More than 30% of the academic staff at the faculty combine their teaching activity with corporate work, bringing a professional and applied vision of engineering subjects to their classes.

DeustoTech is the technology transfer and research centre of the University of Deusto, linked to the Faculty of Engineering. Here, top-performing students have the opportunity to participate in real company projects through paid scholarships.

Deusto Moto Team (DMT) is a group formed by students from all the degrees of the Faculty of Engineering and supported by several professors. The team works throughout the course on the construction of a connected electric motorbike (DMT).


At the university-business seminars, our students receive funding from leading companies in the area. Working closely with lecturers and business professionals, they develop pilot projects in which they experiment with the latest technologies.


You play the leading role

360° experience

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals and make the most of your time at university. At Deusto we are committed to a very practical, dynamic and participative methodology. We seek to ensure a high level of practical knowledge, which is essential for professional development.

Gorka Gea

Being part of the Deusto Moto Team is a great opportunity to get to know up close the different engineering disciplines put theory into practice....

UDMTGorka Gea



Faculty of Engineering

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