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Deusto LearningLab

Deusto LearningLab focuses its activity on research and innovation in the teaching-learning of generic and specific skills linked to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through game-based learning, remote experimentation and learning analytics. The latter is a transversal line that affects all the group's developments with the main objective of analysing how young people develop computational thinking (Kodetu.org and Make World projects), the assessment of generic skills (SCALA) and specific skills in physics (AAAS) or electricity (AutoGame). Within the multiple applications of Learning Analytics, DeustoTech Learning focuses on the analysis of data for training assessment, aimed at providing support to lecturers and feedback on student learning.

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Deusto LearningLab

Research group on educational innovation, robotics and STEAM in education, game-based learning and learning analytics

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What do we do?

We are engineers, educationalists and psychologists, and we collaborate with research groups, educational institutions and companies to strengthen our activity and achieve excellence in research.

STEAM Education

We address the use of technology and innovative resources to increase young people's interest in STEAM, in particular computational thinking skills.

Competence-based learning

Boys and girls learn through play in formal and informal settings. We develop resources and playful tools to learn STEAM-related concepts.

Remote experimentation

Experimentation is essential to consolidate knowledge and skills. We develop remote experiments that allow users to manage a real experiment through a web interface using different devices.

Analysis of learning

The use of data collected by educational technology provides valuable information about the learning process.

Our projects

We develop serious games, remote labs for schools and industry, consider mobile context and inclusive learning, apply learning analytics for evidence of student learning and knowledge assessment.

Deusto LearningLab

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