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A solid, all-round business education

Deusto Business School offers you an all-round education, which will enable you to develop managerial competences and skills in accordance with the values of sustainability, responsibility and professional ethics.

You will also receive training adapted to the needs of the business environment, thanks to the strong connection we have with companies from different sectors.

Our commitment is to train responsible professionals, capable of promoting and leading sustainable business projects in a global context.


Deusto Business School

Bilbao Campus
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San Sebastián Campus
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Find out about our Bachelor’s degree programmes


Business Management and Administration (BMA)

Bilbao campus / San Sebastian campus

Do you want to know the different areas of a company and learn how to manage them? Find out how financeworks, how to develop a marketingcampaign, a strategic business plan or how to manage people. Be prepared to take on responsibilities in different companies and sectors.



Bilbao Campus / San Sebastián Campus

You will be able to study the Business Management and Administration entirely in English. Consolidate English as a working tool in a professional business environment and enjoy the advantages of multiculturalism in the classroom.


Business Administration + Digital Business Intelligence

Bilbao campus / San Sebastian campus

Complement your Business Administration degree with knowledge of digital marketing, digital finance and machine learning. You will learn to create new business opportunities through the use of digital tools and develop your analytical skills to improve decision-making in your company.


Business Administration + International Management Skills

San Sebastian campus

This programme develops students’ communication skills, negotiation techniques and competences to work in organisations with an international dimension. This Deusto degree, which is taught in English, also includes a second language (French, German or Chinese) and a stay abroad for a full academic year.


Business Administration + Innovation + Entrepreneurship

San Sebastian campus

Initiative, creativity, leadership, proactivity… If you study Business Administration with this Deusto degree, you will be trained in innovative and entrepreneurial behaviours that will enable you to identify, seek and/or create business opportunities wherever you are working.


Deusto Finance Programme (Business Administration + Financial Analyst Basics)

Bilbao Campus

Do you like mathematics and data analysis? Are you interested in markets and players in the financial sector? Get to know the keys that govern finance and how to develop them responsibly, thus contributing to the construction of a fairer world. 



BMA + Management in Digital Environments

Bilbao Campus

Information up to the academic year 2023-2024

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BMA + International Management Skills | Digital Business Skills | Innovation and Entrepreneurship

San Sebastian Campus

Information up to the academic year 2023-2024

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Deusto Business School

The figures back us up

94%Employment rate (promotion 2022 within 3 months of finishing)

+ 100Years educating professionals

3%Among the world's top business schools (Shanghai Ranking, 2021)

+ 500Collaborating companies

Students with initiative and values

Student associations

It is the oldest and largest stock exchange club in the country and its members manage real assets amounting to nearly €70,000. You will be able to experience what investment activity involves: monitoring stock prices, the evolution of companies and sectors...

Lagunarte is a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote volunteer actions and generate debate on inequality, development and social impact. They collaborate with NGOs in the Biscay area such as the Food Bank and Caritas.

TEDxUDeusto is an event organised independently by students at the University of Deusto. The aim is to generate and share new ideas that can change the world around us. The students themselves are in charge of selecting the topics, choosing the speakers, designing the publicity… 

Its main objective is to bring the world of consultancy closer to students. Through two areas of action, training and competitions, the Club aims to enable students to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired throughout their studies through the practical resolution of business games.


It is an international non-profit organisation that offers students the opportunity to volunteer and do internships in companies and start-ups in more than 126 countries.

Liburumerke is a student association that manages the exchange of books and notes between students of different courses and degrees of the faculty.

It is a non-profit association, with more than 30 years of experience, formed, managed and run by our students. It provides various services to small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly advisory and consultancy projects, thus enabling students to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom.

ELSA stands for the European Law Students' Association. This group of students seeks to complement the legal training they receive in the classroom in a practical and dynamic way. They organise conferences, mock trials, trial attendance, etc.


In first person

Business Administration+Management in Digital Environments

The truth is that I love my class. There is an atmosphere of study and a lot of companionship, which is much appreciated when studying or doing group work.

Sofía Conde

Good classroom atmosphere

Teacher proximity

I really appreciate the closeness of the teachers, who are always available to help you. Having a tutor to turn to if you need anything is also a great help.

Maider Dorronsoro

Teacher proximity


What I value most about Deusto is how it brings us closer to the professional world. I also belong to the Investment Club, which allows me to meet new people and learn about the investment world.

Jon Iriondo

Student associations

Business Management and Administration + Industrial Technology Engineering

We have held several seminars with companies such as Fineco or Idom, which have allowed us to discover how and with what tools they work on a daily basis.

Triana Anasagasti

Contact with companies

Exchange in shanghai

Spending my last undergraduate year in Shanghai was an amazing opportunity. You get out of your comfort zone to live a lot of unforgettable experiences.

Kepa Gómez

Unforgettable experiences