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A bridge between university and industry

The Department of Internships and Career Services of Deusto School Business is at the service of our undergraduate/dual undergraduate students at our San Sebastián and Bilbao campuses.

Its commitment is two-fold:

  • Help the students make the most of their professional opportunities.
  • Provide the companies with support so that they can access the talent they are looking for.

Career Services

Service for companies



You have access to the different profiles of undergraduate/dual undergraduate and postgraduate students so that they can complete internships at your company.


Interviews on campus

We are aware of how difficult it can be to recruit the best talent. For this reason, you have the option to complete the selection processes for internships at our Bilbao and San Sebastián campuses.


CV Book

By request, we can provide you with the CVs of students who are eligible for postgraduate internship opportunities.


Workshops and training seminars

We are excited to collaborate with your company and provide students with case studies, workshops, and seminars to help them better understand your sector and organisation.

Services for students

The professional internship programme of the Deusto Business School will allow you to gain new work experience where you will be able to apply and broaden the knowledge acquired during your studies, develop your competencies, and enrich your curriculum vitae by improving your employability.

Training to improve your employability. We organise seminars and workshops to provide you with the tools you need to improve your employability. In addition, students are invited to participate in events organised by the companies.

Our professional consultants can help guide your professional career focus.

The Department of Career Services publishes an academic yearbook showcasing each class’s accomplishments which is made available to companies for internships and/or employment opportunities.


Access the site of the Department of Career Services

International Internship Fair

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International Internship Fair

The fair is aimed at third-year undergraduate / dual undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Deusto Business School. It is an excellent opportunity to speak with recruiters of multinational companies in person and discover their internships and job requirements.


We organise activities that will prepare you to achieve your professional future. Some of these activities include personal brand management, CV ...

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