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For the professional woman with high potential

At the Deusto Business School, we want to boost women’s professional careers through training and highlight their role as agents of transformation within their organisations and companies.

We have put the II. edition of the Woman and Leadership Award in motion because:

► We want to help you achieve your career goals and discover opportunities within your organisation.

► We want to help you and other women grow in positions of leadership.

► We intend to promote programming which helps women become agents of transformation within their companies.

Further information and applications

Further information

Loreto Zalduendo
Tel. 91 577 61 89


Application form

Reward amounts


First prize

Free enrolment in any of our Executive Education programmes.

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Second prize

60% discount on the cost of enrolment in any of our Executive Education programmes.



Candidates who applied for the first edition can apply again by filling in the registration form.



The prizes will be subject to the current tax regulations and other applicable concordant provisions.

This award is aimed at professional women with high potential who wish to boost their career through training and connect with the values promoted by Deusto Business School



To seek the highest quality in our work. To carry out our activity with rigour and technical competence, but also with profound human quality. To give the best of ourselves and always seek to go further. To advance and improve.



To be honest and upright in our work and in our relations with others. To be aware of the ethical implications of the many decisions we face and to act in a fair and responsible manner, seeking the common good and, in particular, that of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.



Recognise the need and value of working with others to address common challenges. To be able to transcend purely individual interests to work for collective interests. Work as a team to develop a common project, in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.



Be receptive to what is new, to what is different, to the world. To recognise the value and richness that can be brought to us by what is different from us: people from other countries, other cultures, other religions; new ideas, points of view that question our beliefs. To be able to welcome, empathise, respect, value, dialogue, share, coexist and work with those who are not like us.



To look at reality critically, identifying challenges and opportunities; to be able to propose solutions to overcome unresolved problems; to join forces to move from idea to action; to make change a reality by generating shared value.

Objectives of the award

The leadership of women in organisations and in entrepreneurship.

The progress made in the field of gender diversity.

More women to take charge of their professional career.


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With the collaboration of:

Important information


Application submissions

January 10 to March 21, 2022 at 17:00 electronically


Interviews (face-to-face or online)

March 28 to April 8, 2022



April 25-28, 2022


Winner announcement

April 29, 2022


Award ceremony

May 2022

At the award ceremony, there will also be a special recognition of a woman with a strong career path.


Further information

Loreto Zalduendo
Tel. 91 577 61 89 



Application form

I. Edición Premio Mujer y Liderazgo

Acceptance of the terms and conditions and data protection

Participation in this Award implies full acceptance of its terms and conditions and the verdict of the award judges, thus waiving any type of claims.

In accordance with the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 15 on Personal Data Protection and Guarantees of Digital Rights, the candidates are duly informed and declare their express consent for the inclusion of their personal details in the files of the University of Deusto, as well as to, in case of being awarded, their publication, including their image.

Additional information about the processing of your personal details can be found in the Information policy document on personal data protection included on the website.