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Thanks to the Executive education of Deusto Business School, you will find the answer to the challenges of your organisation and you will contribute, using the different strategic areas of education that make up the programme, to building a more prosperous, fair, and inclusive world.


  • Because they look at leadership from a humanist perspective, promoting sustainable business projects in a global context and working to create for society as a whole.
  • Because they all use an innovative lens which will allow you to discover new ways of doing things and find industry-disrupting solutions.
  • Because they allow you to put everything you have learned into practice through a real-life project at your company.
  • Because they give you the opportunity to share the classroom with professionals from other companies and sectors, as well as with first-class teachers.

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The numbers behind us

+ 2.900professionals have already experienced Executive Education

+ 20Open Programmes

+ 120companies rely on our Executive training every year

+ 135teachers at the forefront of management trends

IN COMPANY TRAINING | Solutions in line with your challenges and corporate culture

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Knowledge transfer


Knowledge transfer

In our commitment to consolidate our position as the strategic ally that companies, public administrations and non-profit organisations (NGOs) need, we develop an intense knowledge transfer activity, whether in the form of projects, studies, publications or the organisation of scientific-technical dissemination activities such as congresses, seminars, conferences, etc.

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Further Information

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