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Knowledge transfer

In our attempt to become established as the strategic partner that companies, public administrations, and non-profit organisations (NGOs) need, we develop a strong system of knowledge transfer, either in the form of projects, studies, publications, or in the organisation of activities of scientific-technical dissemination, such as conferences, seminars, sessions, etc.

This activity includes three major areas of specialisation: economics, management, and leadership. All of them are dealt with from different functional areas, such as marketing, innovation, finance, management, sustainability or equality, among others.

We also provide extensive experience in the assessment and design of public policies, especially in the field of innovation, health management, and competitiveness.

Further information

Virginia Gómez Sierra
Director of Knowledge Transfer
Executive Education
+34 944 139 000 (ext. 3193)



Identify the needs and define the objectives, the deadline, the budget availability.


Establish the most appropriate team, methodology, tasks, schedule, budget, references, etc. to achieve the objectives.


Develop the expectation-setting agreement amongst management regarding quality and commitment.

Types of projects

  • Strategic support
  • Technical administration in participatory processes
  • Assessment of public policies
  • Innovation and competitiveness plans
  • Economic-social observatories
  • Scientific publications
  • Sessions, seminars, conferences
  • Think Tanks
  • Reports, studies, diagnoses
  • Trends and prospects
  • Health Management Systems
  • Talent, diversity, and equality management

Further information

Director of knowledge transfer

Virginia Gómez Sierra
944 139 000 (ext. 3193)