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Business world immersion

We focus on broadening and strengthening our partnerships within the business world, institutions, and organisations.

The Deusto Business School collaborates with organisations through the following initiatives:

  • Internships
  • Final Degree Project (TFGs)
  • Dual Programme in Strategic Management* (*in the verification process)
  • Assignments, Challenges, Case Studies, Talks, Visits...
  • Teaching of subjects
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Commissions for degree monitoring and implementation of new programmes
  • Career Services Office​

Further information

Bilbao Campus
Natalia Pastor
+34 944 139 462

San Sebastián Campus
Eli Aizpurua
+34 943 326 600 (ext. 5188)

We put the best talent at your disposal


Student interns

Through the Department of Internships and Career Services, we connect students with cutting-edge companies in the business sector. We offer curricular and extracurricular internships, orientation, and training.

Further information about the department of career services


Graduates to add to your organisation

When you tap into the alumni pool of the Deusto Business School Alumni Association, you will be adding top-tier professionals to your workforce, whether they be recent or more experienced graduates.

Access the deusto business alumni

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