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Research is a fundamental part of the mission of Deusto Business School

In accordance with its mission, the Deusto Business School is committed to the generation of knowledge which is aimed at the transformation of society in terms of sustainability, justice, and solidarity in a global context. This optimises the Deusto Business School’s ability to have a real impact on society.

This research is divided into three major areas of investigation which have continued to push the boundaries of cutting-edge research, making them more likely to be applicable and transferrable to society and teaching.

There are four research teams recognised by the University of Deusto (two of them also recognised externally by the Department of Education of the Basque Government), each of which are led by a Main Researcher.

Our areas of research

Including digital transformation, servitisation, and family business.

Including gender studies; ageing and silver economy; health; sustainability; sustainable finances; social companies; measurement of social impact; and humanism in management and economics.

In collaboration with Orkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness.