• Subject areas

    Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

  • Team

    Gobierno Vasco A

    This team is formed by lecturers from the University of Deusto’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration- Deusto Business School and researcehrs from Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness.

    Brief description of the research aims

    Study the variables which explain the differences in economic growth between regions. Economic variables such as innovation, openness to the outside world, production structure and the capacity for entrepreneurship; and business variables such as property structures, use of accounting information for decision making and corporate social responsibility policy are examined. In addition to economic and business growth, the team also reflects on the different alternative visions of the economy.
    A secondary focus area consists of analysis of regional strategies to boost competitiveness and regional economic growth, the role of public policy to develop these strategies and their assessment, the researcher’s role in developing these strategies and policies.

    Research areas

    - Territorial strategies for sustainable economic growth and welfare
    - Factors contributing to sustainable economic growth and welfare 
    * Team Recognised by the Basque Government


    Principal Investigator
    Asier Minondo

    Research team
    Cristina Aragón 
    Mari Jose Aranguren 
    Pedro Duarte 
    Iñaki Erauskin 
    Cristina Iturrioz 
    Miren Larrea 
    Edurne Magro 
    Lorea Narvaiza 
    Igone Porto 
    James Ralph 
    Jon Mikel Zabala 
    Asunción Ibáñez 
    Miren Estensoro 
    Susana Franco 
    Aitor Garmendia 
    Aitziber Elola
    Stephanie Grimbert
    Pablo Rodríguez 
    Elsayed Fathi
    Martin Stojanovikj