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    Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

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    Universidad de Deusto

    Research aims

    Our approach in the finance research team is twofold. First, we examine cutting-edge research in finance and aim to fill existing gaps related to asset pricing, corporate finance, behavioural finance, and investment fund management, all with an orientation towards the field of sustainable finance. Second, we look at financial markets and evaluate the practical challenges faced by participants in such markets (investors - institutional and retail, managers, corporations, organizations, regulators, and policy makers); we address aspects such as the financial consequences of different investment strategies, specific regulations and particular types of information. Both approaches allow us to advance financial knowledge in a theoretical, empirical and practical perspective.
    Our research team is formed by several members who provide transversality in terms of specialisation and research experience. An international dimension also accompanies the research team through the scientific collaboration of its members with researchers from international universities.
    An ongoing improvement process drives the group towards the frontier of knowledge.

    Research area

     Finance and Value Creation.


    Principal Investigator
    Guillermo Badía

    Fernando Gómez-Bezares
    Javier Santibáñez
    Joseba Madariaga
    Miguel Ángel Larrinaga
    Mikel Larreina
    José Vicente Ugarte
    Estíbaliz Goicoechea
    Leyre Goitia
    Lidia Lobán
    Olga del Orden
    Alejandro Babío