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Keep learning to be part of the change

In a context of profound transformation such as that we are currently experiencing, we can not only adapt, but also be drivers of change. The Deusto Summer School offers a programme that provides the necessary tools to be part of the group that will define the changes.

Together for sustainable development

The Deusto Summer School is closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Thus, each of the courses on offer is aligned with one of the SDGs, a way of helping participants, speakers and the University itself to become key actors in this social transformation.


A multidisciplinary programme

Acquire knowledge in different fields: science, technology, business...



Certificate of participation by the University of Deusto


Academic staff

Academic staff specialising in the subject area. 


Deusto Methodology

Deusto Learning Methodology applied to online education. 

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Testimonial video Sustainable Mobility Summer ProgrammeIcono para el play del video

Personal mobility is a very big factor of climate change, but there are also so many more other benefits.

Eva KièsStudent at Breda University
Feeback from Leire Rodríguez ESG investment and finance

I have learnt the importance of applying ESG criteria in decision making to minimise risks and increase long-term profitability.

Leire RodríguezESG Summer Programme student