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    Dual Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship in Action

    About the Master’s degree

    In this programme we train enterprising and innovativepeople, agile in complex environments and capable of designing new sustainable business development strategies in a globalised world, in constant change and in the new era of digital transformation.

    The Master’s course has an innovative approach: a dual training model, where the collaborating companies and organisations take an active and leading role during the learning process. In this way, you will acquire the necessary skills through practical experience in these organisations.

    Throughout the master’s course, you will work in multidisciplinary teams and with an experiential learning model (learning by doing).


    Dual training model

    Companies and partner organisations take an active and leading role throughout your learning process 


    Experiential training model

    You will work using Design Thinking, Lean Startup and User Experience methodologies

    2023-2024 ACADEMIC YEAR


    The deadline to apply for admission for the academic year 2023-24 will be open from 16 January to 31 May 2023.

    Find out about the steps to follow to process your application through the virtual office, the required documentation and the additional access requirements for some studies.

    Dual training model

    Study, work and


    Dual training model

    Study, work and

    You will enjoy an experiential learning model (learning by doing) and will work using Design Thinking, Lean Startup and User Experience methodologies in the design and development of innovative projects looking for new strategic solutions to real challenges as well as in your own entrepreneurship project or an intra-entrepreneurship project in an organisation.

    Dual training model

    Why a dual master's degree?



    A Dual Master’s degree involves a deep, real and enforceable commitment between the University, companies and institutions to co-design and implement together a different learning process.



    It is an alternation-based training model. Alternation of spaces (on-the-job training and courses at the University), alternation of teaching methods (theory and practice are combined through real business challenges), alternation of lecturer -facilitator profiles (academic experts and experts from the host company).


    Collaborative process

    In a Dual Master's Degree, competences are acquired by integrating study and worksimultaneously in the learningprocess. ¿And how is this achieved? Through a collaborative process in which participants have to deal with real projects presented by companies for which they must provide a specific proposal.



    All in all, a Dual Master’s degree involves a different learning process, where work and study “merge” as they are delivered at the same time.

    Tu perfil

    Este máster es para ti si...

    Eres una persona recién graduada, sin experiencia, o con experiencia profesional limitada, y buscas mejorar sus habilidades emprendedoras y/o poner en marcha un proyecto emprendedor propio o dentro de una organización (intra-emprendimiento).

    Eres titulado/a universitario/a de cualquier rama, con una experiencia profesional relevante a lo largo de los años, estás en activo y puedes estar interesado/a en llevar a cabo, en base a unas metodologías avanzadas y con un acompañamiento tanto técnico como personal, proyectos de intra-emprendimiento dentro de las organizaciones en las que vienens desarrollando tu actividad.

    Eres titulado/a universitario/a con una experiencia profesional relevante a lo largo de los años y tienes interés en el desarrollo de un proceso de emprendimiento propio en base a unas metodologías avanzadas y con un acompañamiento técnico y personal.

    Quieres desarrollar las competencias y habilidades imprescindibles, en el contexto socio-económico actual, para liderar, desde el primer día, proyectos empresariales innovadores que contribuyan al desarrollo y la competitividad del tejido empresarial. 


    Do you want funding support?

    Fund your master's degree

    We are committed to co-funding the programme and have signed funding agreements with entities, companies and foundations that collaborate in the master's degree. 

    Fund your master's degree


    Dual training is a relatively new model and consists of working and studying at the same time. In order to support this new training model, various entities, companies and foundations propose different aid programmes forthe financing of the Master's degree and possible grants for which participants may apply. 

    PLEASE NOTE: these are subject to renewal and selection process

    BBK Foundation

    The BBK Foundation offers an important programme of 4 grants of€2,000 for unemployed people registered in Biscay, and in the event of receiving more than 4 applications, a selection will be made according to economic criteria.

    Employment contract

    From January to July (6 months) when carrying out the entrepreneurship project within the partner organisations, an employment contract is offered with a minimum interprofessional salary (1000€ gross per month minimum).


    Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

    Since 2017, the Basque Government has been running the Youth Entrepreneurship Programme, which helps to launch the initiatives of people who have a project in mind.

    Participants enrolled in the Master's programme will be eligible for a 3600€ grant for start-up support for their initiatives.

    Other educational grants and loans

    Students can access financial aid through collaboration grants or educational loans from financial entities... 



    Masters entrepreneurship in action opinions

    In first person

    I find that the main value of this master's degree lies in the network of professionals and facilitators behind us

    Laura Autor Innovation Coordinator at Beaz
    Masters entrepreneurship in action opinions

    In first person

    Sharing the master's degree with multidisciplinary teams and companies generates an ideal entrepreneurial ecosystem

    Asier PalaciosDIRCOM at Search and Rescue SL.