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      The art of creating and delivering messages

      About the Bachelor’s degree

      If you are interested in communication as a profession, want to work in the media and manage communication and image in companies and institutions…, then this is the degree for you. You will acquire a number of interdisciplinary skills and the ability to adapt to market needs. You will analyse speeches and texts, write out scripts, messages and content in different formats. You will manage internal and external communication, from business management and organisation to advertising and public relations.

      If you are passionate about telling stories with the help of sound and the power of moving images, add a specialisation in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication Technologiesto your Bachelor's degree in Communication.

      The objective is to make you an all round professional capable of:



      texts, products or messages as well as interpreting social reality




      internal and external communication in organisations


      Acting with...

      a sense of ethics, civic commitment, in keeping with a humanistic background.


      Communicating in a...

      Effective way in different contexts and languages

      • Campus:

        San Sebastian Campus

      • Programme name:


      • Duration/credits:

        4 years - 240 ECTS

      • Combinations:

        Tecnologías para la Comunicación Audiovisual y Multimedia

      • Language

        Spanish - Basque - English

      • Number of places


      • Programme type

        On campus

      • Application process:

        Admission: from January 17th to February 28th

      • Additional information:

        Undergraduate Final Year Project 6 ECTS

      • Faculty:

        Social and Human Sciences
      • Share:

      2022-23 ACADEMIC YEAR


      Choose the degrees and double degrees you are interested in, register now and don't miss your place.

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      Complement your Bachelor’s degree


      ¿Are you passionate about telling stories and explaining situations with the help of words, sound and the power of moving images or without it?


      Further information


      The numbers behind our university

      +150Internship agreements

      Year after year, new external internship agreements are signed with companies and organisations 

      95%Of academic staff were positively assessed

      The academic staff received a positive external assessment of a programme and a learning guide.

      100%International Programme

      All eligible students may study for one semester at another university.

      + 20years of experience

      Since 1999 we have been training communication professionals and adapting to new professional profiles.


      What Deusto offers you

      Global communication

      Training in the different areas of communication during the first years. In the last year of the degree, you will be able to study in depth through two pathways: Media or Corporate and Institutional Communication.

      You will have fully equipped radio studios and TV studios (editing and recording room).

      - The TV studio has two professional cameras, a video mixer and roof mounted spotlights. Streaming live broadcasts is also possible thanks to a powerful server.
      - The radio studios are divided into two areas; the technical area and the studio. Studios are connected to the campus server so that all the radio material produced can be used from anywhere within the university facilities.

      The students, with the support of the academic staff, have created Deusto Irratia, a radio station that creates and edits content in podcast format and can be listened to online. In addition, the University of Deusto is part of the Association of University Radios (ARU), which brings together many of them throughout Spain.

      It is essential to use audiovisual and multimedia messages to reach audiences, and companies and the media know this. You will learn to effectively and creatively use digital multimedia tools, audiovisual production, video games and interactive multimedia that will give you a more competitive professional profile.

      You will do compulsory a professional internship in your 4th yearunder the supervision of a qualified professional on site and by a lecturer from the Faculty.

      International stays in America, Asia and Europe for all students.


      Audiovisual and Digital Cluster

      Eiken, Basque Country Audiovisual and Digital Cluster

      Audiovisual and Digital Cluster

      Eiken Cluster is a priority partner in the organisation and implementation of the Bachelor’s degree in Communication + Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia Technologies. In addition to providing lecturers in different subjects, EIKEN will support internships in this sector.

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      Bachelor’s degree in Communication


      Irati Binue

      The academic staff have an important role to play in these four years, as they strive to train professionals with values and care about social problems, and this is absolutely necessary today.

      Irati Binue

      Editor at Eitb

      Diego Urruchi

      You will have first-hand experience of professionals in the field, as this course is close to the reality of the market, conveyed with success stories and practical work.

      Diego Urruchi

      Director of Media Attack and lecturer

      Borja Vergara

      Today’s communication is more international than ever. It is essential to begin putting your knowledge into practice as soon as possible, and what better way to do so than living abroad with people from across the world.

      Borja Vergara

      International Experience - University of Nantes (France)

      Begoña Marañón

      They come with a desire to learn and they do it quickly, contributing ideas, they integrate very well into the editorial staff of the station.

      Begoña Marañón

      Director of Cadena SER in the Basque Country

      Student internship experience

      Grants and Student finance


      Grants and Student finance

      If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.


      Student finance





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      Degree competences



      Academic regulations

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      Quality Management System (QMS)

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      Verification, monitoring and accreditation

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      Suggestions and complaints

      To improve our services and activities

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      Enjoy Deusto

      Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

      Faith, solidarity, culture and sports activities


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