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+ Legal Tech
+ Skills for International Lawyers
+ Double International Programme

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    All-round, cross-disciplinary education

    About the Bachelor’s degree

    The University of Deusto Law School has been educating law professionals for more than 130 years; this is a science with a universal objective: to build a fairer, more balanced society.

    Studying law involves understanding the society we live in. You will learn how life in society is organised throughout the four years of the degree. It is a science that tells us what we can and cannot do. 

    If you are interested in understanding the why of things and imagine yourself working to resolve conflicts and above all, fighting to create a fairer society, then the law degree is right for you.


    What will you learn?

    This degree will help you understand how relationships between citizens, public administrations and public entities and States are organised. You will study how the legal rules that regulate social life are created, interpreted and applied .


    For people who are...

    Constructive, with the ability to lead and solve problems, a vocation for justice, a curiosity for legal organisation, a commitment to fundamental rights, study habits and the ability to argue and defend their ideas in public.


    At the Bilbao Campus

    You will be able to study the Bachelor's degree with its different combinations (Specialisation in Economics, Specialisation in ICT Law, Skills for International Lawyers and the International Double Programme) at the Bilbao Campus of the University of Deusto.


    At the San Sebastian campus

    You can also study the Bachelor's Degree in Law at the San Sebastian Campus of the University of Deusto, with the option of choosing the International Double Programme.

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

      San Sebastian Campus

    • Programme name:


    • Duration/credits:

      4 years - 240 ECTS

    • Combinations:

      Specialism in economy

      Legal Tech

      Skills for International Lawyers

    • Language

      Spanish - Basque - English

    • Number of places

      210 (Bachelor's degrees and Specialisations)

    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Application process closed

    • Faculty:

    • Share:

    Find out about Deusto degree programmes

    Complement your degree

    Especialidad Económica

    Una especialidad que la Facultad lleva impartiendo desde más de 70 años, formando a profesionales juristas especialistas en el área empresarial.

    más información

    Derecho + Legal Tech

    Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación, un sector en auge: adquiere las competencias digitales que el entorno laboral actual demanda.

    más información

    Skills for International Lawyers

    Un programa combinable con el Grado en Derecho, la Especialidad Económica y la Especialidad TIC. 

    Más información

    Doble programa internacional

    Durante el 4º curso de Grado, con o sin especialidad, podrás solicitar este título y estudiar en una universidad de Estados Unidos, realizando un Master of Laws.

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    University of Deusto students on the Arrupe footbridge



    A learning method that combines theory and practice, applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom through a variety of practical exercises.

    You will participate in workshops and  role playson how to resolve potential conflicts and defend real world examples through mock trials that will bring the relationships and problems of today's society to the classroom.


    How will you study?Learning by doing

    Mock trials

    You will practise from the time of drafting a claim and its defence until a hearing is held.

    Off Campus

    You will go on out-of-class outings to the Stock Exchange, courts and tribunals, and to companies and institutions.

    Oral presentations

    You will learn to speak in public and communicate like a professional lawyer.

    Forums and webinars

    You will have the opportunity to attend events and meet leading professionals in the sector, as well as follow live online conferences.

    Reading legal texts

    A reading workshop where you will discuss the relationship between literature and law of various works with your classmates.

    Loyola Legal Clinic

    With the help of your lecturers, you will be able to undertake solidarity-based legal training in collaboration with local NGOs.


    7 keys to your international profile


    International academic staff

    Deusto Law School has more than 80 visiting foreign lecturers.



    Subjects in English

    You will be able to take 25% of the course subjects in English.


    Jessup Moot Court Competition

    An academic competition in which 680 law schools from more than 100 countries participate. Teams of students compete in it by simulating a trial in public international law before the UN International Court of Justice (The Hague)


    Bridge Program

    This two-week excellence programme will allow you to acquire an in company learning experience by doing an internship at a national (national week) or international (international week) office of an international law firm or institution.


    International internships

    In embassies abroad and with the ERASMUS internship programme.


    International mobility

    Find out what it is like to be a law student in another country.


    Jean Monnet Actions

    Professors from Deusto Law School organise various activities on European affairs.

    Vocación internacional

    Law in a global context: marca tu recorrido académico internacional convirtiéndote en un/a jurista global

    Te prepararás para ejercer en cualquier parte del mundo

    In first person

    una imagen

    No habría logrado este reconocimiento sin el apoyo y consejo de mis profesores

    Juan Antonio Mancilla

    Derecho, 2019

    Premio Jóvenes Juristas (Centro de estudios Garrigues)
    an image

    New technologies raise problems that law tries to solve. Controversial tweets, limits to freedom of expression on social networks, the right to be forgotten on the internet...

    Carmen Urtasun

    Law + Specialism in ICT, 2018

    Digital law and data protection consultant at Dayntic Legal
    una imagen

    Realicé mis prácticas en Ernst &Young , donde me han hecho sentir como uno más y he desarrollado mi formación en control de protección de datos.

    Jorge Taubmann

    Derecho, 2019

    Abogado en Ernst & Young
    una imagen

    Elegí Deusto por su excelencia, con valores y una ética muy sólida, algo que te diferencia en el mercado laboral

    Ainhoa Barrutia

    Derecho, 2017

    Asociada Junior en Cuatrecasas

    Academic excellence

    Law at Deusto

    135years of experience

    +250Practising professional teachers

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    La Facultad de Derecho es una Facultad centenaria que ha ido adaptándose a los nuevos tiempos

    Decana de la Facultad de DerechoGema Tomás

    The figures behind us

    89%Employment rate

    4thmost in-demand qualification by employers

    Where will you work?

    Career opportunities

    Once you have completed the Master's Degree in Law and Legal Practice, you will be able to work as a lawyer in law firms or consultancies in any area of law:

    You will also be able to practice law in human rights, development cooperation or conflict resolution bodies or international organisations.

    To work whether in the judiciary or the various public administrations (state, regional, provincial or local).

    You will be able to join different company departments such as:

    Further information

    Learn more about the specialisations






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    Enjoy Deusto

    Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

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