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    Your first step into the world of work


    Internships will open the way to a professional future in which you will be able to work with ease and confidence thanks to your training in a company, law firm or institution and the advice of the Law School's Careers Guidance Service.

    +300Partner institutions

    8.2Level of student satisfaction

    Personalised attention

    Deusto Law School offers the service of a department exclusively dedicated to managing external internships. 

    We have a network of more than 300 partner firms, companies and institutions

    Students on the Bachelor's degree in Law, Law + Specialisation in Economics, Law + Specialisation in ICT and/or Skills for International Lawyers can start their internship in the summer of their 3rd year of study.

    All internships are supervised by qualified professionals on site and by a lecturer from the Law School.


    Start your internship

    We have a network of more than 300 partner firms, companies and institutions

    Where will you do your internship?

    Partner institutions

    Estudiante de Derecho + Especialidad Económica

    En el despacho Red Network Lawyers he aprendido de mis compañeros/as y reflexionando sobre mi futuro profesional.

    Estudiante de de Derecho + Especialidad Económica. 4.º curso.Marina Nido

    Where will you work?

    Career opportunities

    Practising law

    Once you have completed the Master's Degree in Law and Legal Practice, you will be able to work as a lawyer in law firms or consultancies, in any area of law:

    • Tax, commercial and labour consultancy
    • Traditional areas of law such as criminal, civil, administrative and family law…
    • New areas of law: sports law, maritime law, environmental law, law and new technologies…
    • Urban development
    • Bioethics
    • Arbitration and mediation

    International area:

    You will also be able to practice law in human rights, development cooperation, conflict resolution or organisations such as:

    • European Union
    • United Nations (UN)
    • International Labour Organisation (ILO)
    • International Maritime Organisation...

    Take competitive examinations for the civil service

    To work whether in the judiciary or the various public administrations (state, regional, provincial or local).

    • Justice (judge, state attorney, legal secretary…)

    • Treasury (tax inspector, deputy inspector, tax liquidator…)

    • Registry and notary offices

    • Labour and Social Security

    • Administrative staff

    • Diplomatic service

    Work in a company

    You will be able to join different company departments such as:

    • Legal advice

    • Quality

    • Accounting

    • Human Resources

    • Workplace safety and hygiene

    We prepare you for the future

    Careers Guidance Service

    "The best preparation for the future is to do your best in the present"

    You will have a service that will help you on your way to finding a job right from 1st year. You will be able to take part in workshops to prepare your CV, prepare for job interviews, conferences with professionals from law firms, advice on competitive examinations...

    Careers Advice Service Icono para el play del video

    At the Careers Advice Service we help you to manage your professional future from 1st to 4th year

    Lecturer at Deusto Law School and Careers Advice Service CoordinatorEba Gaminde

    Law Alumni around the world

    Professional success

    una imagen

    Lorenzo Esteban


    Asociado Junior en el Departamento de Litigación de Uría Menéndez - Bilbao
    una imagen

    Javier Cabezudo


    Director jurídico para el Sur de Europa y Africa en Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
    una imagen

    Natalia Basterretxea


    Directora de External Affairs de BAT Iberia y antigua Directora de Public Policy para España y Portugal en Facebook
    una imagen

    Irati Martínez

    Derecho + Especialidad Económica

    Responsable de exportación en BH Bikes
    una imagen

    Julen Fernández

    Derecho + Especialidad Económica

    Delegado del Consejo General de la Abogacía en Bruselas
    una imagen

    Leire Crespo


    Directora de la Asesoría Jurídica de la fintech Bnext