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    Bachelor’s Degree + Deusto degree (4 years)

    Skills for International Lawyers

    In an increasingly globalised world, it is important to acquire the necessary skills to work in the international legal field. Skills for International Lawyers(Bilbao Campus) is a programme in English that qualifies you for it. 

    B2Language requirement

    To access the programme, you will have to demonstrate having a B2 level of English

    100 %IN ENGLISH

    All the subjects that make up this specialisation are taught in English, preparing you to master the legal language in a second language.

    About the bachelor’s degree

    This degree has 100% of its subjects in English, which will help you learn to work in the international legal field.

    It also includes the preparation for the TOLES (Test of legal English Skills), an optional test at an additional cost that you can sit at the university.



    The international environment, travelling and working abroad or in international departments in Spanish organisations. If you also have good oral and written skills in English, then this degree is right for you.

    You will acquire problem-solving and conflict resolution skills outside the court that can only be developed through practice in the international sphere. 

    You will develop skills such as legal debating, argument development, mediation and conflict resolution.


    What will you learn?

    Negotiating legal problems

    Negotiation methods such as the "Harvard Method: Getting to Yes" and how to analyse different real international negotiations for conflict resolution. Also in the field of private law, you will learn how international contracts are negotiated.

    Drafting legal texts in English

    The principles of English common law and how to draft documents such as a lawsuit, an opinion and contracts.

    Moot Courts

    How to prepare pleadings and then how to present oral arguments in a
    mock trial before the International Court of Justice with the possibility of competing in the
    prestigious international university competition, the Jessops Moot Court.

    Targeting success

    Jon Imanol's experience


    Targeting success

    Jon Imanol's experience

    Jon Imanol Gonzalo began his journey in the world of law at the Bilbao Campus. Throughout his career, he has attended events and forums, travelled to London, carried out mock trials...

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