Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

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    About the Bachelor’s degree

    You will learn about human mind and behaviour. You will learn to understand them, analyse them, explain them and intervene in them to improve people's quality of life and promote their well-being.

    If you are sensitive to the needs of others, know how to listen and want to continue developing your communication and listening skills, and you are willing to take on commitments and help others, then Psychology is the degree programme you have been looking for.

    Get to know four key areas of psychology

    The Psychology degree, as part of the University’s health area, gives you the option to study four areas in depth through elective subjects.


    Clinical and Health Psychology

    These subjects equip you to intervene in cases of mental disorders, adaptation problems or psychological aspects related tohealth issues such as cancer or chronic illnesses.


    Social Intervention Psychology

    It is focused on understanding how to intervene in adaptation problems or psychological aspects related to social problems such as mistreatment, violence, intervention with groups at risk or exclusion.


    Work and Organisational Psychology

    These subjects will prepare you to guide and intervene in issues related to motivation, leadership, communication, job conflicts or harassment or health in the workplace.


    Educational Psychology

    This field is linked to school diagnosis, personal and vocational guidance , family counselling , assessment or intervention in the psychological difficulties of people in educational contexts

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

    • Programme name:


    • Duration/credits:

      4 years - 240 ECTS

    • Combinations:

      Organizational Psychology Program

      Honors Program

    • Language

      Spanish - Basque - English

    • Number of places


    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Admission process closed

    • Faculty:

      Health Sciences
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    Descubre los Grados y Dobles Grados del Área de Salud

    Sesiones informativas, del 11 al 14 de diciembre

    Si tienes interés en los Grados y Dobles Grados del Área de Salud de la Universidad de Deusto, no te pierdas las sesiones informativas que hemos organizado.

    Del 11 al 14 de diciembre podrás obtener toda la información necesaria para ayudarte a elegir tu titulación, en el campus de Bilbao o en el campus de Donostia. 

    Lourdes Cobián

    I really liked the subjects that included practical exercises, where we could discuss and share views.

    Lourdes CobiánGraduate in Psychology




    Complement your Bachelor’s degree

    The Bachelor's Degree in Psychology gives you the opportunity to take a combined Specialist Programme in Organisational Psychology from the 2nd year onwards. This Deusto programme will enable you to develop interventions aimed at the better integration of human beings in any work environment.



    Deusto Psych

    The Faculty of Health Sciences offers you innovative and technologically advanced resources, including Deusto Psych, a R&D&I Unit in Psychology and Health of more than 700m2.


    Guaranteed internships

    All students on the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology do an internship during their final year (with the possibility of doing it throughout the academic year or in the summer months). This is a 240-hour plan to gain professional experience in different fields of psychology in both public and private institutions. 


    And after the Bachelor's degree?

    You will be able to further your education and open new career prospects thanks to the wide range of postgraduate courses in the field on offer at the University of Deusto. You can specialise in Social Intervention Psychology, Neuropsychology, Drug addiction... 


    International experience

    Given the international nature of the degree, if you meet the requirements established by the Faculty, you will be able to access an international mobility experience for a full academic year (3rd year).


    Personalised tutoring

    Deusto students receive personal guidance throughout the degree programme thanks to the Tutorial Plan, which focuses on addressing the most important aspects in each year of study. Your personal tutor will be the person you can turn to when you have a problem or concern of any kind (learning, personal issues affecting your academic performance, new initiatives, proposals for improvement, etc.). 

    Trilingual ProgrammeIN WHICH LANGUAGE WILL I STUDY?


    You can choose between the Spanish or Basque group. In both cases you will be able to take subjects in English (up to 40%). If you opt for the Basque group, you will take the necessary credits (up to 85% of the subjects) to achieve the C1 language profile recognition (BOPV - Decree 47/2012). 

    A trilingual degree programme (Basque/English/Spanish option)

    In addition, you can take the option of doing a trilingual degree taught in Basque, English and Spanish


    Students of the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology will take the subject Technical English for Psychology in 2nd year. It is taught and assessed at level B2 Once the subject has been passed, the language requirement of the degree will be fulfilled.

    Specialisation in

    Organisational Psychology

    Approved academic standards

    A fully accredited degree


    Grants and Financial information



    Grants and Financial information

    If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant programme. We will give you information about the entry requirements and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.

    To find out if you are eligible for a grant for your degree studies, we provide you with a grant simulator, which will allow you to find out if you meet the academic requirements to obtain a grant.

    Grants and scholarships

    Financial information

    Enjoy Deusto

    Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

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