Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

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    Deusto Degree Programme

    Organizational Psychology Programme

    Within the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, you have the option to take an additional specialist programme in organisational psychology in your 2nd,º, 3rdº and 4thº years, taught in coordination with Deusto Business School.


    You will learn to...

    Develop interventions aimed at the better integration of human beings in the workplace. In addition to discovering the world of work psychology, you will also gain basic knowledge that you can use in any other field in which you work with groups or teams.


    Improving organisations

    You will contribute your knowledge of psychology to improve organisations and make them more productive, thus contributing to the improvement of society, of the people who form it, and to the development, health and psychological well-being of workers.

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    Key figures

    6 ECTS per semester

    12 ECTS per academic year

    36 ECTS in total

    60 places

    Malen Akordagoitia

    I think there is an urgent need to humanise organisations, giving psychology the place and importance it deserves.

    Malen AkordagoitiaGraduate in Psychology