Bachelor's degree in Social Education

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    Social Education


    Social Education seeks to improve society through an educational approach. To this end, social educators carry out a variety of tasks:

    • They build care and support relations with people.
    • They facilitate the evolution of these people to bring about a change in them.
    • They promote participation and development processes in the communities.
    • They design and implement socio-educational intervention projects .
    • They coordinate services and socio-educational centres, associations, etc.

    Therefore, this degree will equip you to work in education with people of all ages and social environments, fostering their personal and community development, independence, integration, better quality of life and social justice.



    This degree is ranked among Spain’s top three according to EL MUNDO ranking.



    You will be able to take the necessary credits in Basque to obtain the Basque language profile C1 accreditation by the Basque Government(BOPV - Decree 47/2012).



    An extensive and consolidated internship programme in more than 50 benchmark centres.



    A wide range of postgraduate courses to further your education.

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

    • Programme name:

      Social Education

    • Duration/credits:

      4 years - 240 ECTS

    • Language

      Spanish - Basque

    • Number of places

      80 places

    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Admission process closed

    • Faculty:

      Education and Sport
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    Social Education

    This bachelor's degree is for you if...

    A vocation for service to society and a commitment to upholding the basic rights and values of a culture of peace and democracy,

    You can make a sustained effort and have a tolerance for stress at certain times.

    You are a mature person with a capacity for interprofessional relationships.

    You have the competences required for the Spanish baccalaureate level, and you are committed to the teaching-learning process.


    Social Education

    Reasons to choose us


    Practical and participatory methodology

    One of the University’s key objectives is that students learn by doing. Therefore, at Deusto you will study following our own learning model where you will play the leading role. You will focus on experiential context, reflective observation, conceptualisation, active experimentation and assessment.


    International Programme

    In your3rd year, either for one semester or a full academic year, you will have the opportunity to get to know another social education learning context thanks to our exchange programmes with leading Spanish and European universities.



    You can take the entire degree in Spanish but, if you wish, you have the option of taking subjects in Basque. You may opt for:

    -Bachelor’s degree in Social Education (Basque/Spanish bilingual programme): If you study at least 40% of the credits in Basque, and you can prove that you have a C1 level.

    - Take 60% or more of the subjects in Basque. You will automatically obtain recognition of the C1 language profile(BOPV - Decree 47/2012).    

    You can also study some subjects in English.


    Ongoing support

    You will find a close learning environment and personal tutoring from first to fourth year of study. Your tutor will guide you academically, personally and/or professionally. In addition, you will have a teaching team ready to guide you in any questions you may have throughout your studies. 


    Guaranteed internships

    In 3rdº and 4thº years you will do an external internship, where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learnt. A tailor-made tutoring plan that you will carry out in leading organisations in the social field. 


    Postgraduate education

    You will be able to further your education and open new career prospects thanks to the wide range of postgraduate courses in the field on offer at the University of Deusto. You can specialise in gerontology, disability, drug addiction... 

    Testimonial social education University of Deusto

    At Deusto we learn how to carry out an intervention with different groups and we are also trained as individuals.

    Aitor Menchaca Social Education student

    Enjoy Deusto

    Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

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    Grants and Financial information



    Grants and Financial information

    If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant programme. We will give you information about the entry requirements and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.

    To find out if you are eligible for a grant for your degree studies, we provide you with a grant simulator, which will allow you to find out if you meet the academic requirements to obtain a grant.

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    Social Education

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