Double Bachelor´s degree in Social Education + Social Work

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    Gain two official qualifications

    About the Double Bachelor’s degree

    Social Education and Social Work are involved in the social spherein a different way:

    • Social Education has an impact on the educational processof individuals or groups to promote both personal and community integration and development.
    • Social Work focuses its intervention on those aspects in which people interact with their environment, providing support and promoting changes and improvements in situations of psychosocial discomfort, both at individual, family and community level. 

    The Double Bachelor's Degree will enable you to become a professional capable of working eitherin teams of teachersor social workers. You will also have greater professional development in those areas where there is no profile differentiation. You will become a professional in educational and social intervention, capable of providing support to individuals and groups, both in their learning and in their social inclusion, and contribute to the construction of a fairer, more egalitarian society.


    If you are someone who….

    Is socially aware and want to fight against social injustice; if you have a vocation for education and  accompaniment and you are passionate about the idea of working in close contact with people to support them, then this double degree is right for you. 



    You can take the entire degree in Spanish but, if you wish, you have the option of taking up to 60% of the subjects in Basque. If you choose this option, you will obtain the Basque Government's recognition of C1 level of Basque (BOPV - Decree 47/2012). You will also have the opportunity to study some subjects in English. 


    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

      San Sebastian Campus

    • Programme name:

      Social Education + Social Work

    • Duration/credits:

      5 years - 354 ECTS

    • Language

      Spanish - Basque - English

    • Number of places


    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Admission process closed

    • Faculty:

      Social and Human SciencesEducation and Sport
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    Our students tell you about it first

    In first person

    The double degree equips us with skills and knowledge and opens up the opportunity to discover many areas of work.

    The double degree equips us with skills and knowledge and opens up the opportunity to discover many areas of work.

    Iñigo Larrarte Aguinaga

    Social Education + Social Work

    testimonio educación social trabajo social Universidad de Deusto

    I have long been interested in the issues of disadvantaged groups and I wanted my professional future to be linked to it.

    Nagore Iza

    Double bachelor´s degree in Social Education + Social Work

    testimonio educación social trabajo social Universidad de Deusto

    We find people who have been stigmatised, whose human rights have been violated and who are isolated, among other things

    Iñaki Ibarlucea

    Double bachelor´s degree in social education + social work

    testimonio educación social trabajo social Universidad de Deusto

    Last year I was an intern at the Martutene Penitentiary Centre with IRESGI, and this year I am working with Caritas in the homelessness area

    Sheila Martínez

    Double bachelor´s degree in social education + social work

    Why Deusto?

    6 reasons to choose us


    Bilbao and San Sebastián

    Today we can say that Deusto is the only university that offers this double Bachelor’s degree in our area. You can study this combination of degree programmes at any of the University's campuses in San Sebastian or Bilbao. You will obtain two bachelor's degrees in 5 years, adapted to your professional future.


    Guaranteed internships

    You will be able to enjoy and learn thanks to an ambitious and extensive programme of external internships, with more than 1,000 compulsory hours over 3 years, which will be individually supervised by a tutor, and with which you will get closer to the world of work.


    Join us in volunteering

    You will have the opportunity to engage in building a fairer, more sustainable world beyond the classroom. The University of Deusto has a specific department called Deusto Campus Solidarity, with which you can carry out social and cooperative volunteering in countries in Latin America, North Africa,…


    Extensive experience

    Deusto has more than 20 years of experience and recognition in the educational and social fields. This has resulted in this dual profile, which is in great demand and has a high degree of adaptability and versatility.


    Continuing education

    You will have the option to round off your education with an attractive range of postgraduate courses for specific groups such as minors, people with disabilities, women victims of violence, elderly people, etc.


    A welcoming and friendly atmosphere

    You will find a friendly learning environment and personal tutoring from first to fifth year. Your tutor will guide you academically, personally and/or professionally. Furthermore, you will have a teaching team ready to guide you with any queries you may have throughout your studies.


    Grants and Financial information



    Grants and Financial information

    If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant programme. We will give you information about the entry requirements and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.

    To find out if you are eligible for a grant for your degree studies, we provide you with a grant simulator, which will allow you to find out if you meet the academic requirements to obtain a grant.

    Grants and scholarships

    Financial information

    Enjoy Deusto

    Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

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    Social Education + Social Work

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