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A 4-year programme

Programme structure

The course syllabus of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration follows a progressive learning approach, from the fundamentals of business administration to general management. 



Year 1

You will learn the basics of business management and gain a better understanding of the language of business. You will discover the global competitive environment where business activity and the most important economic variables take place. 


Year 2

Once the foundations have been laid, you will discover how organisations work and the specific characteristics of the various departments (finance, marketing, accounting, etc.) from a comprehensive perspective. 


Year 3

Thanks to your global vision of business management, you will be able to design strategy and analyse and question different business models. In this year, you will also develop the undergraduate final year project.


Year 4

You will put into practice all the knowledge you have acquired so far through company internships. You will have the opportunity to spend an international stay at a foreign university and you will define your own professional future by choosing one of the four available specialist pathways

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Learn all about university jargon

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Find answers to your queries

Learn all about university jargon

If you are about to enter university or have been there for a short time, there are some basic concepts that you should be aware of. 

In this video we will explain the most common ones: bachelor’s degrees, double degrees, ECTS credits, Deusto degrees, specialisations, dual degrees, honour loans, etc.

International experienceLiving and studying abroad

One semester abroad

The International Programme gives all students the opportunity to study an exchange semester abroad in 4th year. This experience will allow you to live and study in a foreign country and will give you the opportunity to get to know new cultures, improve your language skills and learn to adapt to new environments.

30 countries worldwide

Deusto Business School has exchange agreements with more than 80 universities in around 30 countriesworldwide.

Click here to see the list of destinations available.

International double degree programme

Thanks to the agreement signed with Kedge Business School, you will be able to study at this French university in the last three semesters of your degree and gain an international double degree (places are limited, assigned according to academic criteria).


2023/2024 Academic calendar

Official academic calendar.

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2023/2024 Timetables

Provisional timetables subject to change

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Exam dates

First sit and resit exams.

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Define your professional profile

Specialist areas



You will focus the management of the firm on the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders, identifying their needs, fostering the creation of value through high quality products and services and developing efficient exchange relationships.


Finance and Accounting

You will learn to diagnose, plan and monitor the evolution of the financial and economic situation of business projects and optimise investment and financing decisions.


International Business

Interpret the local and global economic situation with a view to taking advantage of opportunities and addressing the challenges arising from it, and performing business operations in an international context.


(Subjects taught in English)


Management Consultancy

You will manage the firm from a holistic perspective, fostering strategies and organising the persons, resources, systems and technology needed, with a view to improving competitiveness and creating value for stakeholders.

Putting into practice what you have learnt

Undergraduate Final Year Project

The degree ends with an Undergraduate Final Year Project, which will allow you to combine everything you have learnt throughout your studies in a project of your choice, while developing skills such as oral and written communication, systemic thinking and achievement orientation. 

It is carried out during the second semester of 3th year, preferably in a team and under the supervision of a tutor. You can choose between several options: 

  • Business creation project: development of a business plan based on a business idea proposed by students or, failing that, by a group of external entrepreneurs. 
  • A project to improve the management of an existing company: anin-depth analysis of an active company with the aim of making feasible proposals to improve its competitiveness.

Bachelor's Degree in BMA (Bilingual or Trilingual Programme)

The importance of languages

Students choose their subjects in Spanish, Basque and/or English on a yearly basis. Each year, students who choose a language pathway (Basque or English) must enrol in all the subjects offered in the chosen language for that year.

You can earn up to 60% of the ECTS credits in English. If you study at least 40% of the ECTS credits in English, the University of Deusto will certify your language proficiency in this language.

You will also be able to study Business Administration degree (trilingual programme) taking more than 40% of the ECTS in English and 25% of the ECTS in Basque

  • To access first year: A level equivalent to a  B2 required for access to the first year of the double degree. It can be accredited by submitting proof of having an official qualification and/or doing an English test taken in the admission tests.
  • Before completing their studies: A level equivalent to C1 required before the end of studies by submitting proof of having equivalent qualifications or passing the University of Deusto's internal tests.


List of generic and specific competences of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

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Academic regulations

Maximum number of calls, continuation of study, credit recognition...

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