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DUAL Pathway in Strategic Management

You will have the opportunity to take a dual pathway in a company during the second semester of 3rd year and a full academic year in 4th year, thus obtaining a comprehensive vision of business strategy. You will learn to manage the people, resources and technological systems necessary to improve competitiveness and create value in decision-making.

You will be trained simultaneously and in an integrated way in both the university and the company, thanks to the joint work of the actors involved in this dual ecosystem. You will play an active role in your learning process, which will be monitored and evaluated by both parties. You will have a facilitator at the university and a facilitator at the host company.

Places are limited and will be allocated through a selection process(only for students of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Business Administration + Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

*Dual pathway participants may not take the exchange semester abroad. 

**Verification process pending

Some advantages of this dual pathway are:


You will participate in a co-creation process based on direct involvement in the company


You will benefit from continued involvement in the company for 18 months.


You will get theoretical and practical training (testing and direct application)


The activity in the company will be on a paid basis and with a collaboration agreement.


Early entry into the labour market, you will get to know the company and the projects before you finish your degree

Continuous and sequential learning


Continuous and sequential learning

The dual pathway proposes the co-design and launch of a business model in a specific organisation. To this end, students need to be an active part of the organisational reality and understand its dynamics, knowledge and know-how, and contribute proposals adapted to the needs of an organisation.

The dual pathway offers the possibility of applying strategic management skills in the work environment(work based learning) and learning while applying the knowledge (through Design Thinking methodologies) to propose and test a business model for the company.

Useful information

10 DUAL places available per academic year

  • Subject Professional practice
  • Sujbject Undergraduate Final Year Project
  • Subject C2: Specialist subjects I
  • Subject C3: Specialisation in Strategic Management 

Candidates will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Academic transcript
  • curriculum vitae (free format)
  • a specific letter of motivation stating their reasons to participate in the dual pathway
  • a personal interview with the pathway coordinator

Collaborating entities will participate both in the design and implementation of the pathway in different ways, and will take an active part in participants’ training process.

Specifically, there will be an agreement between the University and the companies to plan the pathway jointly.

The very methodology that will be applied in the pathway, Design Thinking, demonstrates the importance of the role of collaborating entities in defining the learning process of the pathway in a cooperative and coordinated way.

It should also be noted that the facilitators designated by both the university and the host company will jointly supervise and assess students' progress throughout the process.

Coordinator of the dual pathway at the University of Deusto. The coordinator will be the person responsible for coordinating the general terms of the dual phase of the course syllabus and will ensure that it will be developed under the relevant conditions and with the necessary means to ensure that participants acquire the necessary competences. The coordinator will be responsible for managing the day-to-day running of the dual pathway, maintaining contact with the coordinators and/or facilitators at host companies, the facilitators at the University of Deusto, internal and external teaching staff, and participants.

Coordinator of the dual programme on behalf of the collaborating entity or company. Each entity participating in the pathway will have a coordinator responsible for coordinating the general terms of the stay at the host company, together with the Dual Pathway Coordinator.

Facilitators at collaborating entities. Each participating company or institution must designate a tutor to supervise the progress of student interns. The facilitator will be an expert from the organisation in the area of competence of the specific subject to be developed within the framework of the Dual Pathway in Strategic Management and with accredited work experience. The facilitator will be in direct contact with the University facilitator.

Academic facilitators at the University of Deusto. They will be lecturers at the University of Deusto who are experts in the subjects that make up the dual pathway.

Lecturers of the subject taught in dual mode. They will be lecturers at the University, experts in the area of competence being developed by the participant at any given time. In cases where the lecturer considers it appropriate, external lecturers and/or experts will be invited

As part of the implementation of the dual pathway, a MIXED COMMITTEE has been defined, consisting of representatives of the University and the host companies. This coordination body will ensure the proper development of the dual training process, identifying problems, proposing solutions and monitoring improvement actions.


Find out about the selection criteria for participants in the Dual Pathway in Strategic Management

Henar Alcalde

A pathway with great career prospects

You will move to strategic action within the reality of the company and you will be immersed in a process of co-creation with the company.

Henar AlcaldeDual pathway coordinator

Some of the companies taking part in the 2022-2023 academic year

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