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Our history

The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences was officially created in 2009 as a result of the merger of 17 academic centres. It was created to take advantage of synergies and face the new university challenges: the construction of the European area, educational innovation embodied in the"UD Education Model", a culture of quality, organisational innovation, the continuation of the internationalisationprocess,research excellence and the promotion of knowledge generation and transfer . It is also one of the faculties located both in Bilbao and San Sebastian, which includes the most scientific disciplines and encompasses the largest number of academic centres of the entire UD.


Our values



  • Providing spaces for dialogue to encourage interaction between people in order to build trust and promote collaboration.
  • Increased trust to facilitate dialogue and collaboration.
  • Collaborative and transparent management.



  • Integrating the gender perspective in all organisational, teaching, research and transfer processes.
  • Improving the management environment in which everyday life takes place in the Faculty as a place of work and coexistence.
  • Implementing positive action measures based on equal opportunities and equal position.


Social Justice

  • Special care for human rights, primarily with regard to guaranteeing the material conditions for the exercise of basic freedoms.
  • Implementing corrective actions to redress inequality (both material and recognition).
  • Fostering collaborative social relations in which the gain of some is never sustained by the expulsion, exclusion, discrimination or insufficient recognition of the dignity of others.



  • Empathy and closeness to those who suffer injustice.
  • Ability to analyse unfair situations (actors, levels of responsibility, etc.).
  • Developing activities to avoid increasing or sustaining unequal social relations.



  • Identifying and promoting all those behaviours that improve the relationship between people in the organisation and between the organisation and its environment.
  • Undertaking initiatives dedicated to the care of our environmental, human and social resources.
  • Ensuring that our decisions take into account the care of medium- and long-term opportunities for potential future generations.