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International Programmes

The University of Deusto Law School offers multiple options to combine undergraduate studies with international programmes, which will allow our students to obtain a global profile with an international focus, all in four years. 

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Build your international profile

Internships abroad

Bridge Program

This is a complementary training programme of academic excellence that will allow you to acquire in-company learning experience in international law firms. This training immersion programme will be held over two weeks, combining a first national stay with an international stay.

This programme is aimed at final-year students with excellent academic records. Its aim is to intensify legal training for students whose main option is law in the context of large international law firms.

  • Attendance at meetings held by the mentor with clients.
  • Guided training on a topic of interest: reading of legal articles, study and analysis of legislation and jurisprudence for the preparation of reports.
  • Study of real cases through the analysis of legal documentation.
  • Attendance at trials, hearings and pretrial hearings
  • Assistance and support in judicial, institutional, notarial and registry offices.
  • Receiving training sessions on the operation of the firm and organisation of work in an entity with an international presence or in the professional sector of the legal profession in Spain or abroad.

Due to the limited number of places available, the University of Deusto Law School will strictly follow the following criteria:

  • The Programme will be offered to students with the best academic records (academic excellence).
  • Knowledge of the working language of the international target week is especially valued.
  • It is a complementary training programme, which the student must voluntarily opt for in order to be able to enrol.

If you would like more information about this programme or would like to register, please contact the following email or telephone number: 

Aitziber Irigoras

Isabel Gil
944 139 109

Paula Nuñez Bridge Program

It has been a very rewarding experience, as it has allowed me to be in contact with institutions such as the European Parliament

Paula NuñezStudent of the Faculty and participant of the Bridge Program
Irene Martínez Bridge Program

Deusto has given me the opportunity to experience one of the best consultancies in London, EY

Irene MartínezStudent of the Faculty and participant in the Bridge Program

Jessup Moot Court Competition

Mock Trial Competition

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court is an academic competition involving 680 law schools from more than 100 countries in which teams of students compete in a mock trial in public international law before the United Nations International Court of Justice, which is based at the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands. The students are responsible for preparing the pleadings and the defence, as well as participating in the defence of the case in the oral rounds organised by the prestigious law firm Cuatrecasas. The winning team at the national level will go on to compete in the finals organised every year in Washington D.C. (USA).

Teams (made up of a maximum of five members) are formed at the end of each academic year (April to June) after a specific selection process which includes a short oral and written presentation in English on some aspect of the case held the previous year.

  • Complementary undergraduate courses
  • Certificate of participation
  • Potential validation of the Undergraduate Final Year Project for the team of speakers.
Ane Uribe Jessup Moot Court

It allows you to get out of your comfort zone, improve your teamwork skills and acquire practical competences

Ane UribeStudent of the Faculty and participant of the Jessup Moot Court Competition
Ane Uribe Jessup Moot Court

Me ha ayudado a conocer mis debilidades y fortalezas y aprender cómo otros estudiantes y profesionales trabajan

Urbez Eduardo FernándezEstudiante de la Facultad y Participante del Jessup Moot Court Competition

Lawyers with a global profile

Opción de cursar el plan de estudios en más de un idioma

Asignaturas en inglés

  • Public International Law
  • Private international Law
  • Social Law and International Contracts
  • International Organisations
  • European Union Law
  • Constitutional Law and Comparative Legal Systems
  • International Trade Law
  • European Contract Law
  • Introduction to US Law
  • Political and Economic Integration of the European Union
  • International Protection of Human Rights
  • Biomedicine and Law