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Our mission

Our aim is to prepare qualified professionals, who work for change and improvement of society, trying to build a fairer and more humane political, economic and social order. Hence our efforts to encourage students to become free, responsible and critical individuals, with an attitude of service and solidarity, respectful of others, educated for peace and committed to human dignity and human rights.


70full time lecturers

60 visiting lecturers

250visiting legal professionals

In first person

Gema Tomás  About us

Our challenge is to train jurists, but above all, people who combine solid legal training with ethical attitudes, a spirit of service and social responsibility

Gema Tomás

Dean of Deusto Law School

Ana Herrán About us

Our Faculty has a tutorial action plan that focuses on academic guidance, without neglecting the human aspect, where our students can count on our support each academic year.

Ana Herrán

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs at Deusto Law School

Felipe Gómez About us

Deusto Law School has strengthened internationalisation through international mobility, visiting professors from prestigious universities and international networks

Felipe Gómez Isa

Vice-Dean for International Relations at Deusto Law School

Mariola Serrano About us

The syllabuses of all our degrees are based on a professional academic profile, that is to say, on the definition of what a professional who has studied Law at Deusto should be like

Mariola Serrano

Vice-Dean for Academic Organisation and Academic Staff at Deusto Law School

Our history

We began our academic journey in the academic year 1886-87 and since then, we have built a well-established reputation both for the quality of the programmes we offer and the high quality of our teaching staff and students.

Deusto ELSA

Students’ association

ELSA stands for the European Law Students' Association , which is represented by a local group on both the San Sebastian and Bilbao campuses. This is a group of law students from all degrees and years who seek to complement the legal training they receive in the classroom in a practical, dynamic and participative way. 

Its activities are twofold. At the local level, they organise conferences, mock trials or attend trials. But what sets ELSA apart from other associations is its international scope, which gives its members the opportunity to access international internships, summer schools all over Europe or to participate as an observer in international organisations.

If you want to join ELSA or get more information about the Association, you can visit its website or write to


Student reps and deputy student reps

Student representation

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Student reps and deputy student reps

Student representation

Student reps and deputy student reps make up the highest collegiate body of Faculty representation: the Student Council. These representatives are elected each academic year in October and November and remain in office until the elections of the following academic year.

The Faculty Student Committee also has to elect students from among student reps and deputy student reps to participate in the Faculty's governing bodies: the Faculty Council and the Faculty Senate.



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