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Deusto Law Alumni

Deusto Law Alumni is the official alumni association of the University of Deusto Law School. A non-profit association that has the support of relevant personal and professional personalities. 

Our aim: to continue to grow and maintain the prestige and pride of being a member.

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Advantages of belonging to Deusto Law Alumni

Job search

Our Faculty's broad experience in educating lawyers has earned us a reputation that attracts companies interested in recruiting our alumni. When you finish your studies, you will be able to apply to our job search service and find job offers exclusively for University of Deusto students.

Broaden your education

We will invite you to all the events, meetings, conferences, seminars... that are held at Deusto Law School and will tell you all about the new courses and postgraduate programmes that may be of interest to you and suit you best.

Make contacts

You can locate your former University of Deusto classmates that have joined Deusto Law Alumni in the Alumni Directory. This service offers you the opportunity to contact professionals near you in a private network.