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Degree programmes

Study at the Faculty of Health Sciences

At Deusto we understand health as a combination of biological, physical, psychological and social factors.
Are you interested in health as an area linked to growth and development and not so much to the concept of pathology or disease?¿Do you believe that all people play a significant and active role in defining their health and well-beingat all stages of their lives? Would you like to train as a professional to contribute to making people responsible for their health?¿Do you want to train with the most cutting-edge and innovative methodologies in this area?

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Are you interested in health?

We currently have 4 bachelor's degrees and 1 double bachelor's degree.

In first person

Ane Arbillaga

We are committed to methodologies such as simulation and laboratory practices for the development and integration of competences.

Ane Arbillaga Etxarri

Director of the Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy

Lourdes Cobián

I really liked the subjects that included practical exercises, where we could discuss and share views.

Lourdes Cobián

Bachelor's degree in Psychology

José María Guibert Ucín, S.J.

The Medicine degree is grounded in the University of Deusto’s long-standing commitment to offering an in demand and innovative programme.

José María Guibert Ucín, S.J.

Rector of the University of Deusto

Aitor Santisteban

The double bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences merges and brings together two professional roles that considerably broaden professional opportunities.

Aitor Santisteban Leguina

Lecturer in Physiotherapy + Physical Activity and Sports Sciences