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The Faculty of Health Sciences has more than 100 agreements with foreign universities (Erasmus + and bilateral and staff mobility).

The University belongs to UNIJES, a Spanish network of Jesuit universities, linked to AUSJAL (Jesuit universities in South America) and AJCU (Jesuit universities in the USA). They form a worldwide network of more than 200 Jesuit universities.

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International Mobility Managers

Incoming: Acebo García a.garcia@deusto.es
Outgoing: Susana Corral susana.corral@deusto.es

Outgoing students


Outgoing students

A key feature of the internationalisation programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences is student mobility to other universities, whether in Spain, Europe or other countries.

Destinations on offer, language requirements...

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Mobility grants

Students’ experiences

In first person

Erasmus Testimonial Oihana Loroño

Studying abroad is both personally and professionally rewarding, as it puts your adaptability to work.

Oihana Loroño

Erasmus at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Poland)

Erasmus Testimonial Iñigo Aguinaga

I was looking for a new experience and to find out what the approach to psychology is like in another country.

Iñigo Aguinaga

Erasmus at Coventry University (UK) 2016-2017

Staff and research mobility

Incoming Staff

If you are an incoming staff member, see the Faculty's procedure

Outgoing staff

  • Erasmus: teaching staff mobility
  • Erasmus: staff mobility for training purposes

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