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The foundations of a new Faculty


On 1 September 2009, with the approval of the Congregatio de Institutione Catholica, the Faculty of Psychology and Education was created on the foundations, history and experience of the former Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences which, since 1976, had been teaching in the field of Psychology and Education.

The new Faculty takes up its humanist legacy, reformulationg its curricula and adapting them to the European Higher Education Area, trying to respond to a social demand for increasingly applied, specialised and professionally-oriented training focused on the job market. 

Maria Carrasco

We are committed to training excellent and committed professionals based on a comprehensive, person-centred health model.

María Carrasco ZabaletaDean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

A new project

Future challenges

Our Faculty is characterised by the breadth, variety and consistency of a centre which, albeit renewed, is underpinned by more than 30 years of academic and research activity.

This new project embodies the goal of educating people who are free, reflective, firmlygrounded in values, with an attitude of service, capable of questioning and improving the society they live in, and using up-to-date methodologies to promote meaningful learning and the willingness to continue their education in the future. 

In times like these, the future is uncertain and full of challenges, but it is precisely now when we think it is most necessary to maintain a coherent, vital and rigorous message that can provide us with humanistic and existential answers through education and reflection. These is what this Faculty intends to provide through its academic and research programmes.