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Degree programmes

Study at the Faculty of Health Sciences

At Deusto we understand health as a combination of biological, physical, psychological and social factors.
Are you interested in health as an area linked to growth and development and not so much to the concept of pathology or disease? Do you believe that we all play a significant and active role in defining our health and well-being at all stages of our lives? Would you like to train as a professional to help people take responsibility for their health? Do you want to learn the most cutting-edge and innovative methodologies in this field?

More than 40 years of experience

Educating professionals

4Bachelor’s degree programmes

A wide range of career opportunities

1Double Bachelor’s degree programmes

You will gain a double profile in only 5 years

12Master's degree programmes

In the fields of Health Sciences


To deepen and broaden your knowledge

In first person

Beñat Escudero

I felt like a healthcare professional from day one and we were given the tools to think, look and feel like a physiotherapist from the very beginning.

Beñat Escudero

Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy

Lourdes Cobián

I really liked the subjects that included practical exercises, where we could discuss and share views.

Lourdes Cobián

Bachelor's degree in Psychology

Testimonials and opinions about the Master's Degree in Gerontology, University of Deusto

Combining theoretical classes with practical classes will allow you to apply the theoretical aspects acquired.

Laura Enriquez

Master's degree in Gerontology

Testimonial by Edurne Martínez Master’s in Integrative Psychotherapy

Doing this master's degree has far exceeded any expectations and dreams I could have imagined.

Edurne Martínez Rivas

Master’s in Integrative Relational Psychotherapy