Double Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy + Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

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    Combine health, physical activity and sport

    About the Double Bachelor’s Degree

    The rehabilitation, readaptation, physical activity, fitness and sports areas play a very important role in addressing the issues of health prevention, protection, maintenance and promotion as they are the main drivers for responding to health demands.

    In this regard, future professionals from the Double Degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sports Sciencesat the University of Deusto will achieve the competences on physical and functional fitness and recovery, rehabilitation and readaptation, education, sports preparation and initiation, organisation, promotion and management of healthy habits and socio-recreational activities, etc.; key tools to respond to this demand in an effective and healthy way.

    Students entering the programme should have an interest in rehabilitating, recovering and preventing people's health problems, and also consider that physical activity and sport, together with education, are fundamental for maintaining healthy lifestyles.


    Double degree programmes

    It enhances the synergy of two degrees that coexist in different areas of health and sport. You will acquire the competences of each profession in 5 years, broadening the range of care services in many areas andsignificantly increasing your job opportunities.



    Students will study in Basque, although they will combineit with subjects in Spanish, and they will also have the option of enrolling for subjects in English. In this way, all students will take the necessary credits to obtain the recognition of the Basque language level C1 by the Basque Government(BOPV - Decree 47/2012).

    • Campus:

      San Sebastian Campus

    • Programme name:

      Physiotherapy + Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

    • Duration/credits:

      360 ECTS

    • Language

      Spanish - Basque

    • Number of places


    • Application process:

      Admission process closed

    • Faculty:

      Health Sciences
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    Descubre los Grados y Dobles Grados del Área de Salud

    Sesiones informativas, del 11 al 14 de diciembre

    Si tienes interés en los Grados y Dobles Grados del Área de Salud de la Universidad de Deusto, no te pierdas las sesiones informativas que hemos organizado.

    Del 11 al 14 de diciembre podrás obtener toda la información necesaria para ayudarte a elegir tu titulación, en el campus de Bilbao o en el campus de Donostia. 

    Aitor Santisteban

    The double degree merges and integrates two complementary professional roles that broaden professional opportunities in many areas.

    Physiotherapy + Physical Activity and Sports SciencesAitor Santisteban

    Why Deusto?

    6 reasons to choose us


    A unique combination

    Today we can say that Deusto is the only university that offers this double degree in the whole of the Basque Country and neighbouring territories. This double degree will make you a professional who is especially in demand in the labour market due to the demand for health in our population.


    New facilities

    The University has prepared new specific facilities on the Donostia-San Sebastián Campus for the practical training of the double degree: spaces for clinical simulation, laboratories, rehabilitation gymnasium, new sports facilities... In this way, you will have the means to learn in a practical and experientialway. 


    International experience

    In your3rd year, you will have the opportunity to get to know another social education learning context either for one semester or a full academic year,thanks to our exchange programmes with leading Spanish and European universities.


    Research from 1st year onwards

    We consider the commitment to integrate research as a natural part of the curriculum to be key. For this purpose, two research subjects are offered from the 1st year onwards.º , which will give you the opportunity to acquire the basic skills and tools from the very beginning.


    Extensive internship scheme

    Internships in the double degree are a fundamental pillar of the curriculum. You will enjoy more than 1,000 hours of external internships from your 2nd year. You will approach the professional reality of the sector through a personalised and individually supervised plan .



    Closeness and welcome

    You will find a close learning environment and personal tutoring from first to fifth year of study. Your tutor will guide you academically, personally and/or professionally. In addition, you will have a teaching team ready toguide you in any questions you may have throughout your studies. 

    New facilities

    Larramendi building


    New facilities

    Larramendi building

    The new facilities in the Larramendi Building house Biomechanics and Neurosciences labsPhysiology labsAnatomy and Natural Sciences labs; a Virtual Hospitalwith a consultation area, therapeutic gymnasium, hospitalisation area and ICU (Intensive Care Unit) room; theoretical-practical classrooms equipped with specialised equipment; gyms for physical activity, gymnasium-tatami and fitness space and a large sports courtwith bleacher seating.

    A place to study Health Sciences

    See sports facilities

    Enjoy Deusto

    Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

    Faith, solidarity, culture and sports activities


    Grants and Financial information



    Grants and Financial information

    If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant programme. We will give you information about the entry requirements and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.

    To find out if you are eligible for a grant for your degree studies, we provide you with a grant simulator, which will allow you to find out if you meet the academic requirements to obtain a grant.

    Grants and scholarships

    Financial information

    Contact us


    Contact us


    Universidad de Deusto / Deustuko Unibertsitatea

    Mundaiz 50 20012 Donostia / San Sebastián
    Tel. 943 297 279


    Physiotherapy + Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

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