Port and Maritime Business Management and Maritime LawOfficial Master's degree

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    Your tutor

    During the Master’s degree, the directors and the programme secretary will assign academic tutors when necessary to provide students with academic guidance, according to their specific needs. Tutorials are supervised by the teaching staff members on the programme. 

    The programme directors may, in specific cases, decide that the tutors give support sessions to students, who for different reasons, are not able to attend a module.

    Once students have been admitted, they will receive the following information:

    • Enrolment and tuition
    • Course subjects
    • Student guides
    • Office hours for tutorials
    • University facilities and resources available
    • Academic calendar
    • Exam dates

    Students who have been advised to complete further training prior to the programme will receive information on the dates, venues and contact persons.

    Students with special needs will be assisted by the programme directors, jointly with the Student Guidance and Support Service, to ensure they are integrated into the programme with equal rights and opportunities. To this end, previous meetings will be held to ensure this aim is successfully met.

    Students are welcomed by the programme directors on the first day of class. On this day, they are given a brief welcome with an overview of the university and the services it offers and details about the programme.


    Master’s Director

    The Director of the programme is Javier Larena, University of Deusto lecturer, who is responsible for ensuring the proper academic focus and for providing students with support and guidance on a permanent basis. He will be assisted by the programme secretary.

    The Student Guidance and Support Service mentioned above also offers a specialist psychopedagogical office to deal with any difficulties. They also offer special courses to boost learning and the Curriculum Adaptation Unit.

    If you come from other countries, the International Relations Office helps foreign students integrate into university life. Here they can find information and permanent assistance for arranging visas and residence permits, housing, medical services and insurance and other local services.

    Students also have the following services and facilities available to them:

    • CRAI; Resource Centre for Learning and Research of the University of Deusto, which includes the library and all the contents of its bibliographical collection. The building has study rooms, computer rooms and a wide range of specialist literature on drug addictions and other related areas.
    • Deusto Alumni: service aimed at alumni to promote job placement.


    Javier Larena

    Lecturer at the University of Deusto