Port and Maritime Business Management and Maritime LawOfficial Master's degree

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    Port and Maritime Business Management and Maritime Law

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    "The curriculum responds to the demands of the sector, and this is reflected in the high rate of embedded employment this Master’s degree leads t...

    Director of the Master’s in Port and Maritime Business Management and Maritime LawDr. Javier Larena Beldarrain

    Academic calendar:

    From September to June.
    External internships: September 2020 -September 2021.
    Master’s final project defence: June 2021

    SEE CALENDAR SEMESTER 1º 2020/2021



    Monday to Friday: 17:30- 21:00:

    Master’s Final Project

    ¿WHAT IS IT?

    It is a project that represents the acquisition of all the skills developed throughout the year, the development of a personal research project on a topic suggested by the students and approved by the Master's Director, and the practice of knowledge, creativity and originality.


    The Master’s final project will be written once students have successfully completed the subjects for the competences envisaged in the thirteen subjects taught in the programme.

    The date for submission will be set when the topic is chosen. Public defence of the projects will take place once the Master’s taught sessions have finished.


    The project carries 6 credits, the equivalent of 150 hours of independent work. The Master’s final project is not to exceed 20,000 words.


    The layout of the final text to be submitted to an Examining Committee and must fulfil Deusto Law School’s requirements for written work.


    All Master’s final projects will contain the following basic points:

    • Purpose of the study: relation to the Master’s programmes objectives and competences, social relevance, theoretical background, etc.
    • Review and research references.
    • Theoretical discussion, formulation of questions and hypotheses, with possible methodological approaches.
    • Main findings.
    • Bibliography:

    Further activities


    ´During the Master’s course, there will be a compulsory trip to London to visit the most representative Shipping institutions (International Maritime Organisation, IOPC Fund, Lloyd's Britannia P&I, etc.). The trip will be held in May 2021 and will be paid by the students themselves. The cost is approximately 500 euros, as it is partially financed by the Basque Government


    You will attend the leading international event in the maritime sector, which is held every year at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC), where you will have the opportunity to go to presentations and forums with professionals from around the world.


    The International Propeller Club awards an annual prize of 1,000 euros to the student with the best academic record. The Basque Country’s Propeller Club-Port of Bilbao is an association that brings together professionals from all areas related to the maritime sector in the Basque Country.


    Each year the Master's brings together professionals from the sector to address current and strategic issues. 

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    This degree programme will provide you with a background in subjects that focus on work in the port and maritime industry from a theoretical-practical point of view within a competitive framework.

    Internships begin after February except for special requests from companies requiring an intern. If you are currently employed, you must provide proof and a report on your activities in order to have credits recognised.

    Internship are from 9:00 to 14:00 pm to enable students to attend classes during the afternoon


    Upon completion of the internships, the on site supervisor will issue a report on the intern’s performance. Students will be required to submit their written impressions on the knowledge and skills acquired. Evaluation and assessment will be based on these reports.

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    Empresas colaboradoras

    Academic regulations and credit transfer


    Academic regulations

    Maximum number of calls, conditions of permanence, recognition of credits...

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    General and specific competences of the Master's Degree in Law and Legal Practice.

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    Aims and methodology

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