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    Phd in Constitutional Law (European Mention)

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Luis Gordillo is full time professor at the School of Law of the University of Deusto where he teaches Constitutional and Comparative Constitutional Law in under- and graduate programmes. Professor Gordillo holds a Ph.D. in Law with “Doctor Europeus” mention (Summa Cum Laude) and is Managing-Editor of 'Estudios de Deusto' Law Review. His main areas of research are Constitutional and European Union Law. He has been involved in the coordination of several under- and postgraduate programs as well as a Ph.D. Program in Transnational Law. Accredited by the National Accreditation Agency-ANECA (as PAD, PUP and PCD), Dr. Gordillo has been visiting professor at the School of Law of the François Rabelais University (Tours, France), Salamanca University, IE University and Sevilla University (among others), visiting researcher at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) and visiting scholar at the Cardozo Law School. Dr. Gordillo holds the Nicolás Pérez Serrano Prize 2009-2010 awarded by Spanish Center for Political and Constitutional Studies and the UD-Santander Research Prize 2015. Among his last scientific writings, it is worth to mention the monographs Interlocking Constitutions (Hart, London), La naturaleza del Estado (Tecnos, Madrid), Constitutionalism of European Supranational Courts (Madrid, 2015) or Historias del País de las Hadas (Civitas, 2015). Accredited as Associate Professor by the Spanish National Accreditation Agency, he has been recognized three "research periods" ('sexenios') by the Spanish CNEAI (2004-2009), (2010-2015) and (2016-2021).


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