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The Faculty of Theology in Oña (Burgos), run by the Society of Jesus, was reserved for the education of its own students since 1880. It was canonically recognised by the Holy See in 1932, and gave rise to the current Faculty of Theology at the University of Deusto.

In 1966, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus and Chancellor of both institutions enacted the integration of the Faculty of Theology of Oña into the University of Deusto and the opening of its senate to professors from different ecclesiastical backgrounds. In 1967, when this integration took place, the Holy See authorised its opening to all types of students. In October 1968, the academic year began in the new building in Archanda, which was functional and practical, although somewhat remote.

In 1980 a further step was taken to incorporate the Faculty of Theology into university life. From this year onwards, the Faculty of Theology was incorporated into the Deusto campus This physical integration was followed by statutory integration, brought about by the necessary adaptation to the apostolic constitution Sapientia Christiana, promulgated in April 1979. The Faculty of Theology has become just another faculty of the University of Deusto, with the only peculiarities required by its status as an Ecclesiastical Faculty. Today, the physiognomy has changed not so much in numbers as in the composition of the mainly lay student body and in academic exchange with other degree programmes.

The Theology Library, which since 1981 has been located next to the Loyola Philosophy Library, today forms part of the large University of Deusto Library. 

The automated catalogue contains 80,740 monographs from a bibliographic collection specialising in theology that totals 90,000 copies. The periodicals collection has 1,348 titles.

Electronic resources include the most important theological databases.



Avenida de las Universidades, 24, 48080, Bilbao

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Collegiate bodies

Francisco José Ruiz Pérez

Faculty Secretary:
Jorge Canarias Fernández-Cavada

  • Ex officio members: Faculty Board

Elected members:

Carmen Bernabé Ubieta

Carlos Javier Gil Arbiol

Juan Luis de León Azcárate

José Javier Pardo Izal

Jon Ona Sáenz

Eusebio Pérez Mayo

Manuel Reus Canals

Lidia Rodríguez Fernández

Luzio Uriarte González

Miguel Ramón Viguri Axpe


Laurentzi José Muñecas Zubiar

Jorge Ugalde González González

  • Dean: José Carlos Coupeau Dorronsoro
  • Student: Jorge Ugalde González
  • Board: Vicente Vide Rodríguez
  • Council: Carmen Bernabé Ubieta
  • Academic authorities :

 Vicente Vide Rodríguez

  • Faculty Board
  • Faculty Council:

Félix María Alonso Alonso

Diego Bermejo Pérez

Xabier Larrañaga Oyarzabal

Patxi Xabier Oñate Landa

Mikel de Viana Barrio