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Tradition, innovation and values

At the Faculty of Theology you will find a university environment that will allow you to get to know and experience the relationship between faith and culturethrough an encounter with the university world.

You will be able to investigate the forms, modes, spheres, symbols, texts and institutions of the various religious traditions in order to offer oppotunities for dialogue and cooperation between them in our society today.



Avenida de las Universidades, 24, 48080, Bilbao

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How can I reach the campus?


How can I reach the campus?

The central location of the Bilbao campus allows you to choose how to get to the University. There are several bridges that link the University and Bilbao city centre. The University has several car parks both on campus and atEuskadi square, about a 5 minutes’ walk from the University. You can also come byunderground or tram as there are stops just a few minutes’ away from the campus.

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